Technical Program

Friday, June 01, 2018

Session 27: Automotive and Power Electronics
8:00 AM - 11:40 AM
Committee: Advanced Packaging
Room: Harbor Island 3

Session Co-Chairs:

Young-Gon Kim
Integrated Device Technology, Inc.
T +1-408-360-1545
Subhash L. Shinde
Notre Dame University
T +1-574-631-1425


1. 8:00 AM - Embedded Components for High Temperature Automotive Applications
Stephanie Groß - Continental
Bernhard Schuch - Continental
Wolfgang Grübl - Continental

2. 8:25 AM - New Failure Mechanism in High Temperature Resin Materials
Michael Guyenot - Robert Bosch GmbH
Christiane Mager - Robert Bosch GmbH
Roumen Ratchev - Robert Bosch GmbH
Ali Khoshamouz - Schweizer Electronic AG
Thomas Gottwald - Schweizer Electronic AG
Sascha Kreuer - Isola Group

3. 8:50 AM - Next Generation of Automotive Radar with Leading-edge Advances in SiGe Devices and Glass Panel Fan-out Packaging
Tailong Shi - Georgia Institute of Technology

4. 10:00 AM - Solderless Leadframe Assisted Wafer-Level Packaging Technology for Power Electronics
Kremena Vladimirova - CEA-LETI
Julie Widiez - CEA-LETI
Jean-Christophe Crebier - CNRS-G2ELab

5. 10:25 AM - Material characterization of advanced cement-based encapsulating systems for efficient power electronics with increased power density
Bianca Boettge - Fraunhofer IMWS
Falk Naumann - Fraunhofer IMWS
Sandy Klengel - Fraunhofer IMWS

6. 10:50 AM - Mechanism of ultrasonic-assisted sintering of Cu@Ag NPs paste in air for high-temperature power device packaging
Hongjun Ji - Harbin Institute of Technology (Shenzhen)
Mingyu Li - Harbin Institute of Technology (Shenzhen)

7. 11:15 AM - Design consideration of a 3D stacked power supply on chip
Kota Ono - Kyushu Institute of Technology
Kengo Hiura - Kyushu Institute of Technology
Satoshi Matsumoto - Kyushu Institute of Technology