Technical Program

Friday, June 01, 2018

Session 29: Thermal/Mechanical Simulation and Characterization
8:00 AM - 11:40 AM
Committee: Thermal/Mechanical Simulation & Characterization
Room: Nautilus 3 & 4

Session Co-Chairs:

Ning Ye
Western Digital
T +1-408-801-1278
Xuejun Fan
Lamar University
T +1-409-880-7792


1. 8:00 AM - Prognostication of Damage on Automotive Underhood Electronics Subjected to Temperature and Vibration
Pradeep Lall - Auburn University
Tony Thomas - Auburn University
Jeff Suhling - Auburn University

2. 8:25 AM - Interface fracture toughness characterization in electronic packages using the Crack Surface Displacement Extrapolation Method
Przemyslaw Gromala - Robert Bosch GmbH
Mateus Jeronimo - Robert Bosch GmbH
Alexandru Prisacaru - Robert Bosch GmbH
Marcus Schulz - AMIC GmbH
Juergen Keller - AMIC GmbH

3. 8:50 AM - Simulation for Enhancing Automotive Power Module DBC Reliability During Assembly Process
Richard Qian - ON Semiconductor

4. 10:00 AM - A Methodology to Integrate Thermo-Mechanical Reliability Predictions into Co-Design of Flip-Chip-On-Lead Devices
Siva Gurrum - Texas Instruments, Inc.
Manu Prakuzhy - Texas Instruments, Inc.
Guangxu Li - Texas Instruments, Inc.
Hung-Yun Lin - Texas Instruments, Inc.
Saumya Gandhi - Texas Instruments, Inc.
J. Carlos Arroyo - Texas Instruments, Inc.
Frank Mortan - Texas Instruments, Inc.
Amit Nangia - Texas Instruments, Inc.

5. 10:25 AM - High Power-Density 3D Integrated Power Supply Module Based on Panel-Level PCB Embedded Technology
Braham Ferreira - Delft University of Technology
Qidong Wang - Institute of Microelectronics of Chinese Academy of Sciences
Xueping Guo - Institute of Microelectronics of Chinese Academy of Sciences
Tingyu Lin - National Center for Advanced Packaging
Liqiang Cao - Institute of Microelectronics of Chinese Academy of Sciences
Guoqi Zhang - Delft University of Technology

6. 10:50 AM - Mars 2020 Rover Laser Power Supply Thermomechanical Analysis
Juan Cepeda-Rizo - Jet Propulsion Laboratory

7. 11:15 AM - Mechanical Modelling of High Powered Lateral IGBT for LED Driver Applications
Chris Bailey - University of Greenwich
Hua Lu - University of Greenwich
Alberto Castellazzi - University of Nottingham
Mattia Antonini - University of Nottingham
Vasantha Pathirana - University of Cambridge
Nishad Udugampola - University of Cambridge
Florin Udrea - University of Cambridge
Paul Mitchelson - Imperial College
Sam Aldhaher - Imperial College