Technical Program

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Session 37: Posters 1
9:00 AM - 11:00 AM
Committee: Interactive Presentations
Room: Northern Hemisphere Foyer

Session Co-Chairs:

Mark Eblen
Kyocera International SC
T +1-858-614-2537
Patrick Thompson
Texas Instruments, Inc.
T +1-214-567-0660


Achieving of Intensified Conductive Interconnections for Flex-on-Flex by Using Metal Passivated Copper–Copper Thermocompression Bonding
Hemanth Kumar Cheemalamarri - Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad
Asisa Kumar Panigrahi - KL University Hyderabad Campus
Satish Bonam - Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad
Nirupam Paul - Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad
Siva Rama Krishna Vanjari - Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad
Shiv Govind Singh - Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad

Reliability Test of Organic Substrate Processed by Newly Desmear Method “Photodesmear(TM)”.
Shinichi Endo - Ushio Inc.
Tomoyuki Habu - Ushio Inc.
Shintaro Yabu - Ushio America Inc.
Yasushi Muto - Ushio Inc.

Highly-Conductive Stretchable Electrically Conductive Composites by Halogenation Treatment and Its Application in Stretchable Electronics
Peng Zheng - Fudan University
Haoyue Zhuo - Fudan University
Yuxiao Zou - Fudan University
Zhuo Li - Fudan University
Wei Guo - Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Hao Wu - Huazhong University of Science and Technology

Electroplating Enhanced Silver Nanowire Networks for Transparent Heaters
Shang Wang - Harbin Institute of Technology
Yanhong Tian - Harbin Institute of Technology

Low Transmission Loss Film Material for High-Speed/High-Frequency Devices
Takao Tanigawa - Hitachi Chemical Co. Ltd.
Etsuo Mizushima - Hitachi Chemical Co. Ltd.
Mami Shimada - Hitachi Chemical Co. Ltd.
Kohji Morita - Hitachi Chemical Co. Ltd.
Minoru Kakitani - Hitachi Chemical Co. Ltd.
Shin Takanezawa - Hitachi Chemical Co. Ltd.

Wet-Spun Graphene Sheet as Flexible Heat Spreaders for Efficient Thermal Management
Guang Yang - Fudan University
Yuze Yan - Fudan University
Chaowei Li - Chinese Academy of Sciences
Yagang Yao - Chinese Academy of Sciences
Zhuo Li - Fudan University

Aging Characteristics of Green Mold Compound for Use in Encapsulation of Microelectronic Devices
Subramani Manoharan - University of Maryland
Chandradip Patel - Schlumberger Technology Corporation
Steven Dunford - Schlumberger Technology Corporation
Carlos Morillo - University of Maryland
Patrick McCluskey - University of Maryland

Effective Stress Relief without Jeopardizing Reliability in Overmolded Packages with Stress Buffers
Amar Mavinkurve - NXP Semiconductors
Jeroen Zaal - NXP Semiconductors
Yukai Liang - NXP Semiconductors
Sean Xu - NXP Semiconductors
Antoine Storez - NXP Semiconductors
Seng Kiong Teng - NXP Semiconductors
Yuan Guo - NXP Semiconductors
Sheila Chopin - NXP Semiconductors

Porous Epoxy Film for Low Dielectric Constant Chip Substrates and Boards
Jisu Jiang - Georgia Institute of Technology
Oluwadamilola Phillips - Georgia Institute of Technology
Landon Keller - Georgia Institute of Technology
Paul Kohl - Georgia Institute of Technology

High Temperature Mechanical Behavior of SAC and SAC+X Lead Free Solders
Mohammad Alam - Auburn University
KM Rafidh Hassan - Auburn University
Jeffrey C. Suhling - Auburn University
Pradeep Lall - Auburn University

Flexible Wearable Biometric Band and Smartphone Application for Prevention of Sudden Causes of Death
Pradeep Lall - Auburn University
Hao Zhang - Auburn University
Rahul Lall - Stanford University

Backward Compatible Connectors for Next Generation PCIe Electrical I/O
Lei Shan - IBM Corporation
Daniel Freidman - IBM Corporation
Craig Kennedy - Amphenol Corporation
Warren Persak - Amphenol Corporation
Kevin Lau - Amphenol Corporation

PCB Pin Area Wire Modeling Based on Representative Layer 2D Misregistration
Zhaoqing Chen - IBM Corporation

Compact Low Power Avionics for the Europa Lander Concept and Other Missions to Ocean Worlds
Don Hunter - Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Gary Bolotin - Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Doug Sheldon - Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Malcolm Lias - Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Chris Stell - Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Jong-ook Suh - Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Optimization of Laser Release Process for Throughput Enhancement of Fan-Out Wafer-Level-Packaging
Chia-Hsin Lee - Brewer Science Inc.
Jay Su - Electronics and Optoelectronics Research Laboratories
Xiao Liu - National Chiao Tung University, Hsinchu, Taiwan
Qi Wu - Brewer Science Inc.
Jim-Wein Lin - Unimicron Technology Corp.
Puru Lin - Unimicron Technology Corp.
Cheng-Ta Ko - Unimicron Technology Corp.
Yu-Hua Chen - Unimicron Technology Corp.
WenWei Shen - ITRI
Tzu-Ying Kou - ITRI
Shin-Yi Huang - ITRI

Thermally Conductivity Underfill and Its Viscoelastic Properties Using Hexagonal Boron Nitride Nanofiller
Sara Razgaleh - Joint School of Nanoscience and Nanoengineering
Shyam Aravamudhan - Joint School of Nanoscience and Nanoengineering

Self-Assembly Technology for FlexTrate(TM)
Tak Fukushima - Tohoku University /University of California, Los Angeles
Yuki Susumago - Tohoku University
Arsalan Alam - University of California, Los Angeles
Amir Hanna - University of California, Los Angeles
Hisashi Kino - Tohoku University
Tetsu Tanaka - Tohoku University
Subramanian Iyer - University of California, Los Angeles

High Performance EMI Shielding Materials and Spraying Process Parameters for High Frequency FCBGA Package Application
Kisu Joo - Ntrium Incorporation
Kyu Jae Lee - Ntrium Incorporation
Jung Woo Hwang - Ntrium Incorporation
Jin-Ho Yoon - Ntrium Incorporation
Yoon-Hyun Kim - Ntrium Incorporation
Joo-Wook Park - Ntrium Incorporation
Myung Jin Yim - Intel Corporation
Se Young Jeong - Ntrium Incorporation

Physical Aging of Epoxy Molding Compound and Its Influences on the Warpage of Reconstituted Wafer
Tz-Cheng Chiu - National Cheng Kung University
Wei-Jie Yin - Advanced Semiconductor Engineering, Inc.
En-Yu Yeh - National Cheng Kung University
Yu-Ting Yang - Advanced Semiconductor Engineering, Inc.
Dao-Long Chen - Advanced Semiconductor Engineering, Inc.
Yi-Hsiu Tseng - Advanced Semiconductor Engineering, Inc.

High Thermal Conductive Semi-Sintering Die Attach Paste
Wei Yao - Henkel Corporation
Rajasekhar Peddi - Henkel Corporation
Kily Wu - Henkel Corporation
Robin Fu - Henkel Corporation
Hoseun Yoo - Henkel Corporation

Non-destructive Assessment of the Porosity in Silver (Ag) Sinter Joints Using Acoustic Waves
Sebastian Brand - Fraunhofer IMWS
Bianca Böttge - Fraunhofer IMWS
Michael Kögel - Fraunhofer IMWS
Falk Naumann - Fraunhofer IMWS
Jurrian Zijl - BESI Netherlands
Sebastiaan Kersjes - BESI Netherlands
Thomas Behrens - Infineon Technologies
Frank Altmann - Fraunhofer IMWS

Reliability Study and Finite Element Modeling of a Wearable Sensor Patch (WSP) to Monitor ECG Signals
Varun Soman - Binghamton University
Mark Poliks - Binghamton University
James Turner - Binghamton University
Mark Schadt - i3 Electronics, Inc.
Michael Shay - i3 Electronics, Inc.
Frank Egitto - i3 Electronics, Inc.

Reliability of Inkjet Printed Structures on Flexible Substrates Deformed over Sculptured Surfaces
Isaac Bower - Georgia Institute of Technology
Suresh Sitaraman - Georgia Institute of Technology