Technical Program

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Session 38: Posters 2
2:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Committee: Interactive Presentations
Room: Northern Hemisphere Foyer

Session Co-Chairs:

Rao Bonda
Amkor Technology
T +1-480-786-7749
John Hunt
Advanced Semiconductor Engineering, Inc.
T +1 480-718-8011


Fabrication and Characteristics of Spin-On Dielectric for Multi-level Interconnect in WLP
Changmin Song - Seoul National University of Science and Technology
Sarah Kim - Seoul National University of Science and Technology
Sungdong Kim - Seoul National University of Science and Technology

High Density TSV-Free Interposer (TFI) Packaging with Submicron Cu Damascene RDLs for Integration of CPU/GPU and HBM
Masaya Kawano - IME
Chun-Mei Wang - IME
Hong-Yu Li - IME
Mian-Zhi Ding - IME
Sharon Pei-Siang Lim - IME
Teck-Guan Lim - IME
Zi-Hao Chen - IME
Fa-Xing Che - IME

Dynamic Warpage Analysis of QFP Packages During Soldering Reflow Process and Thermal Cycle
Marco Rovitto - STMicroelectronics
Arianna Morelli - STMicroelectronics
Carlo Passagrilli - STMicroelectronics
Claudio Maria Villa - STMicroelectronics

Improvement of Mechanical Properties of Zn-Added Sn58Bi Alloy by Zn Segregation on the Sn-Bi Phase Boundaries During Thermal Aging
Shiqi Zhou - Osaka University
Omid Mokhtari - Osaka University
Hiroshi Nishikawa - Osaka University

Low Dielectric Properties Encapsulation for High Frequency Devices
Naoki Kanagawa - Panasonic Corporation
Daisuke Sasaki - Panasonic Corporation
Shigeru Yamatsu - Panasonic Corporation

Controlling Die Warpage by Applying under Bump Metallurgy for Fan-Out Package Process Applications
Hwan-Pil Park - Hanyang University
Young-Ho Kim - Hanyang University
Young-Moon Jang - Seoul National University of Science and Technology
Sung-Hoon Choa - Seoul National University of Science and Technology

Influence of Metallization and Size on Conductive Properties of Metal-Coated Polymer Particles in Anisotropic Conductive Adhesive
Molly Bazilchuk - Conpart AS
Helge Kristiansen - Conpart AS
Jianying He - Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Demonstration of a Heterogeneously Integrated System-on-Wafer (SoW) Assembly
Adeel Ahmad Bajwa - University of California, Los Angeles/K&S
SivaChandra Jangam - University California, Los Angeles
Randall Irwin - University California, Los Angeles
Boris Vaisband - University California, Los Angeles
Saptadeep Pal - University California, Los Angeles
Mark Goorsky - University California, Los Angeles
Subramanian Iyer - University California, Los Angeles

Novel Temporary Adhesive Materials for RDL-First Fan-Out Wafer-Level Packaging
Hong Zhang - Brewer Science, Inc.
Xiao Liu - Brewer Science, Inc.
Rama Puligadda - Brewer Science, Inc.
Shawna Rickard - Brewer Science, Inc.
Tony Flaim - Brewer Science, Inc.

The Reliability and the Effect of NCA Trapping in Thermo-compression Flip-Chip Solder Joints Fabricated Using Sn-Ag Solder Capped 40 μm Pitch Cu Pillar Bumps and Low Temperature Curable Non-conductive Adhesive (NCA)
Jae-Yong Park - Hanyang University
Hwan-Pil Park - Hanyang University
Seongchul Kim - Hanyang University
Taeyoung Lee - Korea Institute Industrial Technology
Sehoon Yoo - Korea Institute Industrial Technology
Young-Ho Kim - Hanyang University

Performance of Fine and Ultra-Fine Lead-Free Powders for Solder Paste Applications
Amir Nobari - 5N Plus Micro Powders Inc.
Sylvain St-Laurent - 5N Plus Micro Powders Inc.
Yannig Thomas - National Research Council Canada
Arslane Bouchemit - École Polytechnique de Montréal
Gilles L’Espérance - École Polytechnique de Montréal

Laser-Based Full Cut Dicing Evaluations for Thin Si wafers
Jeroen van Borkulo - ASM Pacific technology
Richard van der Stam - ASM Pacific technology

Thermal Design and Characterization of High Power SiC Inverter with Low Profile and Enhanced Thermal Performance
Gongyue Tang - IME
Tai Chong Chai - IME
Xiaowu Zhang - IME

Challenges of Large Body FCBGA on Board Level Assembly and Reliability
Fletcher (Cheng Piao) Tung - Siliconware Precision Industries Co., Ltd.
Chung (Hsiang Chun) Chen - Siliconware Precision Industries Co., Ltd.
Max (Chin Yu) Lu - Siliconware Precision Industries Co., Ltd.
Jensen Tsai - Siliconware Precision Industries Co., Ltd.
Yu-Po Wang - Siliconware Precision Industries Co., Ltd.

Optimization of Via Bottom Cleaning for Bumpless Interconnects and Wafer-on-Wafer (WOW) Integration
Youngsuk Kim - Tokyo Institute of Technology
S Kodama - Tokyo Institute of Technology
Y Mizushima - Tokyo Institute of Technology
N Araki - Tokyo Institute of Technology
C Hsiao - Industrial Technology Research Institute of Taiwan
H Chang - Industrial Technology Research Institute of Taiwan
C Lin - Industrial Technology Research Institute of Taiwan
T Ohba - Tokyo Institute of Technology

Design, Fabrication and Characterization of TSV interposer Integrated 3D Capacitor for SIP Applications
Jiwei Li - Xiamen University
Shenglin Ma - Peking University
Huan Liu - Peking University
Yong Guan - Peking University
Jing Chen - Peking University
Wei Wang - Peking University
Yufeng Jin - Peking University
Liulin Hu - Chengdu Garner Haiwei Co.,Ltd
Shuwei He - Chengdu Garner Haiwei Co.,Ltd

High Speed, Precision Small Chip Handling for Wafer-level Fan-out Packaging Application
Qianwen Chen - IBM Corporation
Li-wen Hung - IBM Corporation
Bing Dang - IBM Corporation
BO WEN - IBM Corporation
Russell Budd - IBM Corporation
Jae-woong Nah - IBM Corporation
John Knickerbocker - IBM Corporation

A Novel Inorganic Substrate by Three Dimensionally Stacked Glass Core Technology
Toshiki Iwai - Fujitsu Laboratories, Ltd.
Taiji Sakai - Fujitsu Laboratories, Ltd.
Daisuke Mizutani - Fujitsu Laboratories, Ltd.
Seiki Sakuyama - Fujitsu Laboratories, Ltd.
Kenji Iida - Fujitsu Interconnect Technologies Ltd
Takayuki Inaba - Fujitsu Interconnect Technologies Ltd
Hidehiko Fujisaki - Fujitsu Interconnect Technologies Ltd
Yoshinori Miyazawa - Fujitsu Interconnect Technologies Ltd

High Reliability Sintered Silver-Indium Bonding with Anti-oxidation Property for High Temperature Applications
Chun An Yang - National Taiwan University
C. Robert Kao - National Taiwan University
Hiroshi Nishikawa - Osaka University
Chin C. Lee - University of California, Irvine

RF Characterization, Analysis and Miniaturization Impact of RDL Interconnects
Hélène Jacquinot - CEA-LETI
A. Farcy - ST-Microelectronics
Thierry Lacrevaz - IMEP-LAHC
Kévin Morot - ST-Microelectronics
B. Flechet - IMEP-LAHC
Roselyne Segaud - CEA-LETI
Rémi Velard - ST-Microelectronics
Lucile Arnaud - CEA-LETI
Jean-Charles Barbe - CEA-LETI
Séverine Cheramy - CEA-LETI

Integration of the SERF Magnetometer and the Mz Magnetometer Using Micro-Fabricated alkali Vapor Cell
Jin Zhang - Southeast University
Jintang Shang - Southeast University
Guoliang Li - Southeast University
Lin Lu - Southeast University
Zhihua Pan - Southeast University
Yu Ji - Southeast University
Ching-Ping Wong - The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Integrated Copper Heat Spreaders in Glass Panel Embedded Packages with Near-Zero Thermal Interface Resistance
Nithin Nedumthakady - Georgia Institute of Technology
Bartlet DeProspo - Georgia Institute of Technology
Venkatesh Sundaram - Georgia Institute of Technology
P. Markondeya Raj - Georgia Institute of Technology
Sean Garrison - Honeywell Federal Manufacturing and Technologies, LLC
Kyle Byers - Honeywell Federal Manufacturing and Technologies, LLC
Rao Tummala - Georgia Institute of Technology
Chris Gibson - Sandia National Labs
Michael Elsbury - Sandia National Labs

Investigation of Material Dynamic Processes During Shear Test of Aluminum Heavy Wire Bond Contacts
Robert Klengel - Fraunhofer IMWS
Sebastian Tismer - Fraunhofer IMWS
Falk Naumann - Fraunhofer IMWS
Sandy Klengel - Fraunhofer IMWS

Leading-Edge and Ultra-Thin 3D Glass-Polymer 5G Modules with Seamless Antenna-to-Transceiver Signal Transmissions
Atom Watanabe - Georgia Institute of Technology
Tong-Hong Lin - Georgia Institute of Technology
Markondeya R. Pulugurtha - Asahi Glass Company
Venky Sundaram - Georgia Institute of Technology
Manos M. Tentzeris - Georgia Institute of Technology
Rao R. Tummala - Georgia Institute of Technology
Tomonori Ogawa - Georgia Institute of Technology

Effect of Surface Finish and High Bi Solder Alloy on Component Reliability In Thermal Cycling
Sa'd Hamasha - Auburn University
Francy Akkara - Auburn University
Mohammed Abueed - Apple Inc.
Mumen Rababah - Auburn University
Sinan Su - Auburn University
Cong Zhao - Auburn University
Jeffrey Suhling - Auburn University
John Evans - Auburn University

Electromigration Behavior and Mechanical Properties of the Whole Preferred Orientation Intermetallic Compound Interconnects for 3D Packaging
Mingliang Huang - Dalian University of Technology
Lin Zou - Dalian University of Technology
S.Q. Yin - Dalian University of Technology