Technical Program

Session 1: Advanced Packaging for Heterogeneous Integration and High Performance Computing
Committee: Packaging Technologies

Session Co-Chairs:

Andrew Kim
Advanced Micro Devices
T +1-916-365-7599
Mike Gallagher
DuPont Electronic and Imaging
T +1-508229-7681


1. Organic Interposer CoWoS-R+ (plus) Technology
HW Chen - TSMC
SM Chen - TSMC
CS Chen - TSMC
Shin-Puu Jeng - TSMC

2. Cost-Effective RF Interposer Platform on Low-Resistivity Si Enabling Heterogeneous Integration Opportunities for Beyond 5G
Xiao Sun - IMEC
John Slabbekoorn Siddhartha Sinha Pieter Bex Nelson Pinho Dimitrios velenis Andy Miller Nadine Collaert Geert Van der Plas Eric Beyne

3. Chiplet-Based System PSI Optimization for 2.5D/3D Advanced Packaging Implementation
Yoonjae Hwang - Samsung Electronics
Seungki Nam - Samsung Electronics
Sungwook Moon - Samsung Electronics

4. Double Side SiP of Structure Strength Analysis for 5G and Wearable Application
Mike Tsai - SPIL
Kevin Chang - SPIL
Rios Hsieh - SPIL
Wynn Li - SPIL
Karina Chang - SPIL
Ryan Chiu - SPIL
Ethan Ding - SPIL
Eric He - SPIL
Tim Chang - SPIL
J.Y. Chen - SPIL

5. A Laser Dicing Method for Plus-Shaped Dies for Heterogenous Integration Applications
Aakrati Jain - IBM Research
Kamal Sikka - IBM Research
Shidong Li - IBM Systems
Juan-Manuel Gomez - IBM Research
Marc Bergendahl - IBM Research
Spyridon Skordas - IBM Research
Roman Doll - ASM Laser Separation International B.V.
Jeroen van Borkulo - ASM Laser Separation International B.V.
Kees Biesheuvel - ASM Laser Separation International B.V.
Mark Mueller - ASM Laser Separation International B.V.

6. 2.3D Hybrid Substrate with Ajinomoto Build-Up Film for Heterogeneous Integration
Gary Chen - Unimicron
John Lau - Unimicron
Ricky Chou - Unimicron
Channing Yang - Unimicron
Jones Huang - Unimicron
Ning Liu - Unimicron
TJ Tseng - Unimicron

7. Advanced Packaging Technologies for Co-packaged Optics
Mei-Ju Lu - ASE Group
Jihan Chen - ASE Group
ChiaSheng Cheng - ASE Group
SinYuan Mu - ASE Group