Technical Program

Session 13: Dielectric Materials for High-Speed Wireless Communications
Committee: Materials & Processing

Session Co-Chairs:

Lingyun (Lucy) Wei
Dwayne Shirley


1. Material Design and High Frequency Characterization of Novel Ultra-Low Loss Dielectric Material for 5G and 6G Applications
Takenori Kakutani - TAIYO INK MFG. CO., LTD.
Yuya Suzuki - TAIYO INK MFG. CO., LTD.
Shoya Sekiguchi - TAIYO HOLDINGS CO., LTD.
Satoko Matsumura - TAIYO HOLDINGS CO., LTD.
Shoko Mishima - TAIYO HOLDINGS CO., LTD.
Nobuhiro Ishikawa - TAIYO HOLDINGS CO., LTD.
Toshiyuki Ogata - TAIYO HOLDINGS CO., LTD.
Serhat Erdogan - Georgia Institute of Technology
Muhammad Ali - Georgia Institute of Technology
Mohanalingam Kathaperumal - Georgia Institute of Technology

2. Advanced Low-Loss Photoimageable Dielectric Material for RF/Millimeter-Wave Applications and Demonstration of High Density Interconnect
Kimiyuki Kanno - JSR Corporation
Hirokazu Ito - JSR Corporation
Taku Ogawa - JSR Corporation
Ryoji Tatara - JSR Corporation
Koichi Hasegawa - JSR Corporation
Atom Watanabe - Georgia Institute of Technology
Lakshmi Narasimha Vijay Kumar - Georgia Institute of Technology
Madhavan Swaminathan - Georgia Institute of Technology

3. Low Temperature Curable Low Dk & Df Polyimide for Millimeter-Wave Device
Hitoshi Araki - Toray Industries, Inc.
Akira Shimada - Toray Industries, Inc.
Hisashi Ogasawara - Toray Industries, Inc.
Masaya Jukei - Toray Industries, Inc.
Takenori Fujiwara - Toray Industries, Inc.
Masao Tomikawa - Toray Industries, Inc.

4. Progression in a Novel Low Loss Photo-Patternable Dielectric for Wafer Level Packaging (WLP)
Katie Han - Kayaku Advanced Materials
Yasumasa Akatsuka - Nippon Kayaku
Daniel Nawrocki - Kayaku Advanced Materials
Jenna Cordero - Kayaku Advanced Materials

5. Extraction of Complex Permittivity of Dielectrics on Package from W-Band to D-Band
Yi-Ting Lin - National Taiwan University
Hung-Chun Kuo - Advanced Semiconductor Engineering, Inc.
Po-I Wu - Advanced Semiconductor Engineering, Inc.
Ming-Fong Jhong - Advanced Semiconductor Engineering, Inc.
Po-Chih Pan - Advanced Semiconductor Engineering, Inc.
Chen-Chao Wang - Advanced Semiconductor Engineering, Inc.
Tzong-Lin Wu - National Taiwan University

6. Development of Highly Reliable Crack Resistive Build-up Dielectric Material with Low Df Characteristic for Next-Gen 2.5D Packages
Tatsushi Hayashi - Sekisui Chemical Co., Ltd.
Po Yu Lin - Sekisui Chemical Co., Ltd.
Ryoichi Watanabe - Sekisui Products, LLC.
Seiko Ichikawa - Sekisui Chemical Co., Ltd.

7. Sensitivity of Dielectric Substrate Property Discrepancy and Metal Microstrip Roughness to the Electronic Characteristics of Antenna-in-Packaging for 5G Applications at Millimeter Wave Frequencies
Kuan-Hsun Wu - National Taiwan University
Zhao-He Lin - National Taiwan University
Hsi-Tseng Chou - National Taiwan University
Pin-Zhong Shen - National Taiwan University of Science and Technology
Ding-Bing Lin - National Taiwan University of Science and Technology
Chao-Shun Yang - Powertech Technology Inc.
Chieh-Wei Chou - Powertech Technology Inc.
Chi-Liang Pan - Powertech Technology Inc.
Ji-Cheng Lin - Powertech Technology Inc.
Li-Chih Fang - Powertech Technology Inc.