Technical Program

Session 26: Antenna-in-Package for 5G/6G and Radar Systems
Committee: RF, High-Speed Components & Systems

Session Co-Chairs:

Maciej Wojnowski
Infineon Technologies AG
T +49 89 234 26531
Amit Agrawal
Microchip Technologies
T 4082398147


1. Novel Phased Array Antenna-in-Package Development and Active Module Demonstration for 5G Millimeter-Wave Wireless Communication
Xiaoxiong Gu - IBM Corporation
Duixian Liu - IBM Corporation
Yuki Suto - Fujikura Ltd.
Yujiro Tojo - Fujikura Ltd.
Yuta Hasegawa - Fujikura Ltd.
Christian Baks - Fujikura Ltd.
Ning Guan - Fujikura Ltd.
Arun Paidimarri - IBM Corporation
Bodhisatwa Sadhu - IBM Corporation
Alberto Valdes-Garcia - IBM Corporation

2. Antennas in Glass Interposer for sub-THz Applications
Kai-Qi Huang - Georgia Institute of Technology
Madhavan Swaminathan - Georgia Institute of Technology

3. FOWLP AiP Optimization for Automotive Radar Applications
Mei Sun - Institute of Microelectronics
Teck Guan Lim - Institute of Microelectronics
Tai Chong Chai - Institute of Microelectronics
Surya Bhattacharya - Institute for Infocomm Research
Ma Yu Gang - Institute for Infocomm Research, A*STAR

4. Considerations of SiP based Antenna in Package/Module (AiP/AiM) Design at Sub-Terahertz Frequencies for Potential B5G/6G Applications
Kuan-Hsun Wu - National Taiwan University
Hsi-Tseng Chou - National Taiwan University
Ding-Bing Lin - National Taiwan University of Science and Technology
Chao-Shun Yang - Powertech Technology Inc.
Chieh-Wei Chou - Powertech Technology Inc.
Chi-Liang Pan - Powertech Technology Inc.
Chun-Te Lin - Powertech Technology Inc.
Ji-Cheng Lin - Powertech Technology Inc.
Li-Chih Fang - Powertech Technology Inc.
Marianna Ivashina - Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden

5. Co-Design of Chip-Package-Antenna in Fan-out Package for Practical 77 GHz Automotive Radar
Chuanming Zhu - 38th Research Institute of China Electronic Technology Group
Yinglu Wan - 38th Research Institute of China Electronic Technology Group
Zongming Duan - 38th Research Institute of China Electronic Technology Group
Yuefei Dai - 38th Research Institute of China Electronic Technology Group

6. Low Loss Cu/Co Multilayer Metaconductor Based 28 GHz Band Pass Filter Using Through Fused Silica Via (TFV) Technology
Renuka Bowrothu - University of Florida
Hae-in Kim - University of Florida
Yong Kyu Yoon - University of Florida
Stephan Schmidt - LPKF Laser & Electronics North America
Rafael Santos - LPKF Laser & Electronics North America

7. An Evaluation of Package Integrated, Probe Coupled, Stacked Patch Antennas for 5G Applications
Selaka Bulumulla - GLOBALFOUNDRIES