Technical Program

Session 29: Emerging Modeling Including AI and Machine Learning
Committee: Thermal/Mechanical Simulation & Characterization

Session Co-Chairs:

Przemyslaw Gromala
Robert Bosch GmbH
T +49-162-8514983
Nancy Iwamoto



1. Applied Modeling Framework in Integrated Circuit Design and Reliability
Papa Momar Souare - IBM Bromont
Cedrick Bouchard - IBM Bromont
Eric Duchesne - IBM Bromont
Francois Vachon - IBM Bromont

2. Co-Design of Thermal Management with System Architecture and Power Management for 3D ICs
Rishav Roy - Purdue University
Shidhartha Das - Arm
Benoit Labbe - Arm
Supreet Jeloka - Arm

3. On-Chip Hot Spot Detection with a Multiscale Reduced Order Model
David Geb - Ansys
Saeed Asgari - Ansys
Akhilesh Kumar - Ansys
Jimin Wen - Ansys
Norman Chang - Ansys
Stephen Pan - Ansys
Mehdi Abarham - Ansys
Haiyang He - Ansys
Viral Gandhi - Ansys

4. Fully Coupled 3D Modeling of Electromigration Using COMSOL
Zhen Cui - Delft University of Technology
Guoqi Zhang - Delft University of Technology

5. Peridynamic Modeling of Non-Fourier and Non-Fickian Diffusion in a Finite Element Framework
Sundaram Vinod Anicode - University of Arizona

6. Feature Vector Based Remaining Useful-Life Assessment in Mechanical Shock and Vibration for Leadfree Electronics
Pradeep Lall - Auburn University
Tony Thomas - Auburn University
Ken Blecker - US Army CCDC-AC

7. Genetic Algorithm Assisted Design of RDL Vias for a Fan-OUT Panel Level SiC MOSFET Power Module Packaging
Jiajie Fan - Fudan University
Yichen Qian - Hohai University
Jing Jiang - Fudan University
Zhuorui Tang - Fudan University
Xuejun Fan - Lamar University
Guoqi Zhang - Delft University of Technology