Technical Program

Session 29: 3D Power Components and Power Integrity
Committee: RF, High-Speed Components & Systems

Session Co-Chairs:

P. Markondeya Raj
Florida International University
T +1-305 348 6249
Rajen M Murugan
Texas Instruments
T +1-214-567-6377


1. Integrated Voltage Regulator Efficiency Improvement using Coaxial Magnetic Composite Core Inductors
Krishna Bharath - Intel Corporation
Kaladhar Radhakrishnan - Intel Corporation
Michael J. Hill - Intel Corporation
Prithwish Chatterjee - Intel Corporation
Haifa Hariri - Intel Corporation
Srikrishnan Venkataraman - Intel Corporation
Huong Do - Intel Corporation
Leigh Wojewoda - Intel Corporation
Sriram Srinivasan - Intel Corporation

2. Demonstration of a High-Inductance, High-Density, and Low DC Resistance Compact Embedded Toroidal Inductor for IVR
Claudio Alvarez - Georgia Institute of Technology
Prahalad Murali - Georgia Institute of Technology
Madhavan Swaminathan - Georgia Institute of Technology
Yusuke Oishi - Panasonic Corporation, Japan
Junichi Takashiro - Panasonic Corporation, Japan
Ryo Nagatsuka - Panasonic Corporation, Japan
Naoki Watanabe - Panasonic Industrial Devices Sales Company of America, USA

3. Multi-terminal Low-ESL 3D Silicon Capacitors as Enabler for Optimized and Flat PDN Design
Mohamed Mehdi Jatlaoui - Murata Integrated Passive Solutions
Yves Aubry - Murata Integrated Passive Solutions
Charles Muller - Murata Integrated Passive Solutions
Ryo Kasai - Murata
Takashi Takeuchi - Murata

4. PI/SI Consideration for Enabling 3D IC Designs
Jungil Son - Samsung Electronics Company, Ltd.
Sungwook Moon - Samsung Electronics Company, Ltd.
Seungki Nam - Samsung Electronics Company, Ltd.
Wook Kim - Samsung Electronics Company, Ltd.

5. Package Power Distribution Current Density in Applications with Large Transient Currents
Matt Doyle - IBM Corporation
Dale Becker - IBM Corporation
Matteo Cocchini - IBM Corporation
Kyle Schoneck - IBM Corporation
Sam Connor - IBM Corporation
Layne Berge - IBM Corporation
Siqi Bai - Missouri S&T EMC Laboratory Missouri University of Science a
James Drewniak - Missouri S&T EMC Laboratory

6. 3D Integrated High Gain Rectenna in Package with Metamaterial Superstrates for High Efficiency Wireless Power Transfer Applications
Woosol Lee - University of Florida
Hae-in Kim - University of Florida
Sunghyun Hwang - University of Florida
Saeyoung Jeon - University of Florida
Hyunho Cho - University of Florida
Yong-Kyu Yoon - University of Florida

7. A PCB Packaging Platform Enabling 100+ Gbaud Optoelectronic Device Testing
Aaron Maharry - University of California, Santa Barbara
Luis Valenzuela - University of California, Santa Barbara
James Buckwalter - University of California, Santa Barbara
Clint Schow - University of California, Santa Barbara