Technical Program

Program Sessions: Friday June 2nd 9:30 AM – 12:35 PM

Session 29: AI-based Prediction for Heterogeneous Integration and Advanced Packaging
Committee: Thermal/Mechanical Simulation & Characterization
Room: Palazzo C

Session Co-Chairs:

Patrick McCluskey
University of Maryland
Email: [email protected]

Rui Chen
Georgia Institute of Technology
Email: [email protected]


1. Feasibility Investigation of Machine Learning for Electronic Reliability Analysis Using FEA
Robert David Johannes Hoehne – TU Dresden
Yichen Qi – TU Dresden
Oliver Albrecht – TU Dresden
Karsten Meier – TU Dresden
Karlheinz Bock – TU Dresden

2. ARTSim: A Robust Thermal Simulator for Heterogeneous Integration Platforms
Yousef Safari – McGill University
Adam Corbier – McGill University
Dima Al Saleh – McGill University
Boris Vaisband – McGill University

3. Reduced-Order Models of Digital Twin Applications for Design Platform of Flexible Hybrid Electronics
Chang-Chun Lee – National Tsing Hua University
Jui-Chang Chuang – National Tsing Hua University/Industrial Technology Research Institute
Chen-Tsai Yang – Industrial Technology Research Institute
Chung-I Li – Industrial Technology Research Institute

4. Methodology of Artificial Intelligence Aided Hybrid Modeling for Predicting Solder Joint Reliability of BGA Package
Ling Pan – Micron Semiconductor Asia Operations Pte. Ltd
Faxing Che – Micron Semiconductor Asia Operations Pte. Ltd
Yeow Chon Ong – Micron Semiconductor Asia Operations Pte. Ltd
Hong Wan Ng – Micron Semiconductor Asia Operations Pte. Ltd
Christopher Glancey – Micron Technology, Inc.
Gokul Kumar – Micron Technology, Inc.

5. Effect of Li-Ion Battery Form Factor on the SoH Degradation Under Randomized Charge-Discharge Cycles and C-Rates
Pradeep Lall – Auburn University
Ved Soni – Auburn University

6. Artificial Intelligence (AI) Based Methodology to Minimize Asymmetric Bare Substrate Warpage
Sathya Raghavan – IBM Research
Hiroyuki Mori – IBM Research, Tokyo
Griselda Bonilla – IBM Research
Katsuyuki Sakuma – IBM Research

7. Thermal Characterization of 3-D Stacked Heterogeneous Integration (HI) Package for High-Power Computing Applications
Aakrati Jain – IBM Research
Risa Miyazawa – IBM Research, Tokyo
Sathya Raghavan – IBM Research
Prabudhya Roy Chowdhury – IBM Research
Mukta Ghate Farooq – IBM Research
Arvind Kumar – IBM Research
Katsuyuki Sakuma – IBM Research