Technical Program

Session 34: Flexible, Wearable Sensors and Electronics
Committee: Emerging Technologies

Session Co-Chairs:

Chukwudi Okoro
T +1-607-248-0717
Isaac Robin Abothu
Siemens Healthineers
T +1-425-557-1288


1. Robustness and Reliability of Novel Anisotropic Conductive Epoxy for Stretchable Wearable Electronics
Andrew Stemmermann - SunRay Scientific Inc.
Daniel Balder - SunRay Scientific Inc.
Nancy Stoffel - General Electric Global Research
Mark Poliks - Binghamton University
Christopher Tabor - Air Force Research Laboratory

2. Wireless Nanomembrane Electronics and Soft Packaging Technologies for Noninvasive, Real-time Monitoring of Muscle Activities
Hojoong Kim - Georgia Institute of Technology
Hyojung J. Choo - Emory University Cell Biology
Woon-Hong Yeo - Georgia Institute of Technology

3. Flexible, Implantable, Pulse Oximetry Sensors for Long-Term Monitoring of Arterial Blood Oxygen Levels
Joseph Troughton - Ecole des Mines de Sainte Etienne
Pauline Brige - Centre Européen de Recherche en Imagerie Médicale
Marc Ramuz - Ecole des Mines de Sainte Etienne

4. Fabrication of Highly Flexible Battery Electrodes Using “Battlets” Approach for Powering Wearable Devices
Guangqi Ouyang - UCLA
Subramanian Iyer - UCLA

5. Smart Biofeedback Earbud Achieved by SIP with 3D Composite Polymer Package
Kuei-Hao Tseng - Advanced Semiconductor Engineering Group
Chih-Lung Lin - Advanced Semiconductor Engineering Group
Kai-Hung Wang - Advanced Semiconductor Engineering Group
Harrison Chang - nced Semiconductor Engineering Group

6. Evaluation of Current Carrying Capacity of Inkjet Printed Nano-Silver Interconnects on Mesoporous PET Substrate
El Mehdi Abbara - Binghamton university
Gurvinder Singh Khinda - Binghamton university
Mohammed Alhendi - Binghamton university
Riadh Alhaidari - Binghamton university
Behnam Garakani - Binghamton university
Kankanige Udara Sandakelum Somarathna - Binghamton university
Mark Poliks - Binghamton university

7. Fabrication of High-Durability Wearable Sensors by Using a Novel Hybrid Cu Ink Composed of Bimodal Cu Particle Ink and Cu-Based Metal-Organic Decomposition Ink
Cong Gan - South China University of Technology
Hai-Jun Huang - South China University of Technology
Bin Hou - South China University of Technology
Min-Bo Zhou - South China University of Technology
Xin-Ping Zhang - South China University of Technology