Technical Program

Session 38: Reliability Analysis of New Materials in Modern Packaging
Committee: Interactive Presentations

Session Co-Chairs:

Jeffrey Lee
iST-Integrated Service Technology Inc.
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Mark Eblen
Kyocera International SC
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1. The Reliability Performance of Advanced Organic Interposer (CoWoS®-R) Packages
Po-Yao Lin - Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.
Ming-Chih Yew Shu-Shen Yeh Suo-Mao Chen Chia-Hsiang Lin Chien-Shen Chen Cheng Chi Hsieh Yi-Hang Lin Yung Jean Lu Si-Guei Cheng Shin-Puu Jeng

2. Reliability Testing by Mechanical and Electrical Characterization of Flexible and Stretchable Interconnect Materials
Mayukh Nandy - Arizona State University
Todd Houghton - Arizona State University
Hongbin Yu - Arizona State University

3. Small Feature Size, Large Impact: How Advanced Packaging will Reinvent Radar Manufacturing
Catherine Farnum - Northrop Grumman Corporation
Md Kaysar Rahim - Northrop Grumman Corporation

4. Novel Characterization Method of Chip level Hybrid Bonding Strength
Minwoo Rhee - Samsung Electronics Company, Ltd.

5. Electrochemical Reliability of NTV sintered flexible substrates
Robert Klengel - Fraunhofer IMWS
Sandy Klengel - Fraunhofer IMWS
Carola Klute - Fraunhofer IMWS
Bolko Mühs-Portius - Fraunhofer IMWS

6. In-Situ Determination of Specimen Temperature During Electromigration Testing of Solder Joint
Mostafa AbdelAziz - University of Waterloo
Michael Mayer - University of Waterloo

7. Cure Shrinkage and Viscoelastic Properties of Benzene Cyclobutene (BCB) Used in Cu/polymer Hybrid Bonding
Sukrut Prashant Phansalkar - University of Maryland
Changsu Kim - University of Maryland
Yu-Hsiang Yang - University of Maryland
Bongtae Han - University of Maryland
Young Kun Jee - Samsung Electronics Company, Ltd.
Choong Seon Lee - Samsung Electronics Company, Ltd.
Un Byung Kang - Samsung Electronics Company, Ltd.
Jong Ho Lee - Samsung Electronics Company, Ltd.
Sang Cheon Park - Samsung Electronics Company, Ltd.

8. Reliability of Fan-Out Wafer Level Packaging for III-V RF Power MMICs
Ariane Tomas - IMS, University of Bordeaux/United Monolithic Semiconductors
Laurent Marechal - United Monolithic Semiconductors
Rodrigo Almeida - United Monolithic Semiconductors
Mehdy Neffati - United Monolithic Semiconductors
Nathalie Malbert - IMS, University of Bordeaux
Hélène Fremont - IMS, University of Bordeaux
Nathalie Labat - IMS, University of Bordeaux
Arnaud Garnier - Univ. Grenoble Alpes, CEA, LETI

9. Numerical Simulations and Validation on Ultrasonic Thick Wire Bonding Process for Silicon Carbide Power Devices
Pan Liu - Fudan University
Liangtao Li - Fudan University
Jiajie Fan - Fudan University
Guoqi Zhang - Delft University of Technology
Jon Qingchun Zhang - Fudan University
Jing Zhang - Heraeus Holding

10. Reliability of Printed Electronics in the Field of RF
Simone Neermann - Institute for Factory Automation and Production Systems
Joerg Franke - Institute for Factory Automation and Production Systems
Mark Sippel - Institute of Microwaves and Photonics
Konstantin Lomakin - Institute of Microwaves and Photonics
Klaus Helmreich - Institute of Microwaves and Photonics
Gerald Gold - Institute of Microwaves and Photonics

11. Effect of Bismuth Content on the Mechanical Cyclic Properties of SAC+Bi Lead Free Solders
Mohammad Ashraful Haq - Auburn University
Mohd Aminul Hoque - Auburn University
Jeffrey C. Suhling - Auburn University
Pradeep Lall - Auburn University