Technical Program

Session 42: Topics in Advanced Packaging
Committee: Interactive Presentations

Session Co-Chairs:

Ibrahim Guven
Virginia Commonwealth University
T +1-804-827-3652
Mike Gallagher
DuPont Electronic and Imaging
T +1-508229-7681


1. Addressing Warpage Issue and Reliability Challenge of Fan-out Wafer-Level Packaging (FOWLP)
Xiaowu Zhang - IME
Boon Long Lau - IME
Yong Han - IME
Haoran Chen - IME
Ming Chinq Jong - IME
Sharon Pei Siang Lim - IME
Simon Siak Boon Lim - IME
Xiaobai Wang - IME
Yosephine Andriani - IME
Songlin Liu - IME

2. High Thermal Non-Electrically Conductive Automotive Grade Die Attach Paste A Study to Evaluate the Impact of Filler Technology
Xuan Hong - Henkel Corporation
Jaiek Kang - Henkel Corporation
Qizhuo Zhuo - Henkel Corporation
Juliet Sanchez - Henkel Corporation
Howard Yun - Henkel Corporation
Jihong Deng - Henkel Corporation
Raj Peddi - Henkel Corporation

3. The Extremely Large 2.5D Molded Interposer on Substrate (MIoS) Package Integration: Warpage and Reliability
Soohyun Nam - Samsung Electronics Company, Ltd.
Younglyong Kim - Samsung Electronics Company, Ltd.
Aeni Jang - Samsung Electronics Company, Ltd.
Inhyo Hwang - Samsung Electronics Company, Ltd.
Sungwoo Park - Samsung Electronics Company, Ltd.
Su-Chang Lee - Samsung Electronics Company, Ltd.
Dae-Woo Kim - Samsung Electronics Company, Ltd.

4. Comprehensive Characterization of Warpage and Fatigue Performance of Fan-out Wafer Level Package by Taking into Account the Viscoelastic Behavior of EMC and the Dielectric Layer
Wei-Lin Hu - South China University of Technology
Jiu-Bin Fei - South China University of Technology
Min-Bo Zhou - South China University of Technology
Bing-Xian Yang - South China University of Technology
Xin-Ping Zhang - South China University of Technology

5. Development of a Scalable AiP Module for mmWave 5G MIMO Applications Based on a Double Molded FOWLP Approach
Tanja Braun - Fraunhofer IZM
Thi Huyen Le - Fraunhofer IZM
Marco Rossi - Fraunhofer IZM
Ivan Ndip - Fraunhofer IZM
Ole Hölck - Fraunhofer IZM
Karl-Friedrich Becker - Fraunhofer IZM
Mathias Böttcher - Fraunhofer IZM
Michael Schiffer - Fraunhofer IZM
Rolf Aschenbrenner - Fraunhofer IZM
Friedrich Müller - Technical University Berlin
Marcus Voitel - Technical University Berlin

6. System in Package Embedding III-V Chips by Fan-Out Wafer Level Packaging for RF Applications
Arnaud Garnier - CEA-LETI
Laetitia Castagné - CEA-LETI
Florent Gréco - CEA-LETI
Thomas Guillemet - Thales DMS
Laurent Maréchal - United Monolithic Semiconductors
Mehdy Mehdy - United Monolithic Semiconductors
Rémi Franiatte - CEA-LETI
Perceval Coudrain - CEA-LETI
Stéphane Piotrowicz - III-V Lab
Gilles Simon - CEA-LETI

7. Surface Activated Bonding of Glass Wafers using Oxide Intermediate Layer
Kai Takeuchi - Meisei University
Fengwen Mu - Institute of Microelectronics Chinese Academy
Tadatomo Suga - Meisei University

8. Electrical Performances of Fan-Out Embedded Bridge
JinWei You - Siliconware Precision Industries Co., Ltd
David Ho - Siliconware Precision Industries Co., Ltd
Jackson Li - Siliconware Precision Industries Co., Ltd
Ming Han Zhuang - Siliconware Precision Industries Co., Ltd.
David Lai - Siliconware Precision Industries Co., Ltd.
C. Key Chung - Siliconware Precision Industries Co., Ltd.
Yu-Po Wang - Siliconware Precision Industries Co., Ltd.

9. Fine Pitch Line/Space Lithography for Large Area Package with Multi-Field Stitching
David Ho - Institute of Microelectronics, A*STAR
Norman Yen - Institute of Microelectronics, A*STAR
Cliff McCold - Veeco Instruments
Robert Hsieh - Veeco Instruments
Ha-Ai Nguyen - Veeco Instruments
Hank Hsu - Veeco Instruments

10. Lamination of Dry Film Epoxy Molding Compounds for 3D Packaging: Advances and Challenges
Maxime Argoud - CEA-LETI
Raphaël Elequet - CEA-LETI
Jérôme Dechamp - CEA-LETI
Nacima Allouti - CEA-LETI
Laurent Pain - CEA-LETI
Raluca Tiron - CEA-LETI
Daisuke Mori - Nagase ChemteX Corporation
Masahiro Asahara - Nagase ChemteX Corporation
Yosuke OI - Nagase ChemteX Corporation
Katsushi Kan - Nagase ChemteX Corporation

11. The AFO (Attached Fan-Out) Packaging Technology
Chung Ho - Unimicron Technology