Technical Program

Session 43: Manufacturing Techniques for Emerging Packaging Requirements
Committee: Interactive Presentations

Session Co-Chairs:

Rao Bonda
Amkor Technology
T +1-480-786-7749
Patrick Thompson
Texas Instruments, Inc.
T +1-214-567-0660


1. High-Density Small Form-Factor Package with Polygon-Shaped Capacitor Based on Silicon Technology
JungHwa Kim - Samsung Electronics Company, Ltd.
James Jeong - Samsung Electronics Company, Ltd.
HeeJung Choi - Samsung Electronics Company, Ltd.
Jisoo Hwang - Samsung Electronics Company, Ltd.
Jun So Pak - Samsung Electronics Company, Ltd.
Heeseok Lee - Samsung Electronics Company, Ltd.

2. Demonstration of a Collective Hybrid Die-to-Wafer Integration Using Glass Carrier
Samuel Suhard - IMEC
Koen Kennes - IMEC
Pieter Bex - IMEC
Anne Jourdain - IMEC
Lieve Teugels - IMEC
Edward Walsby - IMEC
Chris Bolton - IMEC
Jash Patel - IMEC
Huma Ashraf - IMEC
Richard Barnett - IMEC
Ferenc Fodor - IMEC

3. Die to Wafer Hybrid Bonding and Fine Pitch Considerations
Thomas Workman - Xperi Corporation
Laura Mirkarimi - Xperi Corporation
Jeremy Theil - Xperi Corporation
Gill Fountain - Xperi Corporation
K.M. Bang - Xperi Corporation
Bongsub Lee - Xperi Corporation
Cyprian Uzoh - Xperi Corporation
Dominik Suwito - Xperi Corporation
Guilian Gao - Xperi Corporation
Pawel Mrozek - Xperi Corporation

4. Method for Improving Chip Crack and Warpage in Stacked 3D TSV Packaging Structure
Namhoon Kim - Samsung Electronics Company, Ltd.
Sanguk Han Yeongkwon Ko Yonghoe Cho Seunghoon Yeon Sunwoo Han

5. Development of Combined Cooler with Additively Manufactured Planar Magnetics
He Yun - University of Maryland
Clifton Buxbaum - University of Maryland
Sevket Yuruker - University of Maryland
Raphael Mandel - University of Maryland
Patrick McCluskey - University of Maryland
Miguel Hinojosa - U.S. Army Research Laboratory

6. A study about 3D Stacking of Passive SMD elements for Advanced SMT Packaging Using Laser Assisted Bonding
Matthias Fettke - Pac Tech – Packaging Technologies GmbH
Timo Kubsch - Pac Tech – Packaging Technologies GmbH
Alexander Frick - Pac Tech – Packaging Technologies GmbH
Vinith Bejugam - Pac Tech – Packaging Technologies GmbH
Georg Friedrich - Pac Tech – Packaging Technologies GmbH
Thorsten Teutsch - Pac Tech – Packaging Technologies GmbH

7. Characterization of Bonding Activation Sequences to Enable Ultra-Low Cu/SiCN Wafer Level Hybrid Bonding
Serena Iacovo - IMEC
Lan Peng - IMEC
Fuya Nagano - IMEC
Thomas Uhrmann - EV Group
Andreas Fehkührer - EV Group
Thierry Conard - IMEC
Fumihiro Inoue - IMEC
Soon-Wook Kim - IMEC
Joeri De Vos - IMEC
Alain Phommahaxay - IMEC
Eric Beyne - IMEC

8. Study of Submicron Panel-Level Packaging in Mass-Production
Ken-ichiro Shinoda - Canon Inc.
Douglas Shelton - Canon Inc.
Hiromi Suda - Canon Inc.
Yoshio Goto - Canon Inc.
Kosuke Urushihara - Canon Inc.
Ken-Ichiro Mori - Canon Inc.

9. Investigation of Low Stress and Low Temperature SiN and SiCN PVD Films for Advanced Packaging Applications
Xavier Brun - Intel Corporation
Patrick Carazzetti - Evatec AG
Ewald Strolz - Evatec AG

10. Effect of Pneumatic Curing on Cycle Time Reduction and Void Suppression of Polyimide Wafer Coating
Huan-Ping Su - Ableprint Technology Co. Ltd.
Cheng-Che Tsou - Winstek Semiconductor Technology Co. Ltd
Auger Horng - Ableprint Technology Co. Ltd.

11. Acoustic Modulation During Laser Debonding of Collective Hybrid Bonded Dies
Koen Kennes - IMEC
Alain Phommahaxay - IMEC
Alice Guerrero - Brewer Science, Inc.
Dennis Bumueller - SUSS MicroTec
Samuel Suhard - IMEC
Pieter Bex - IMEC
Sebastian Tussing - SUSS MicroTec
Xiao Liu - Brewer Science, Inc.
Gerald Beyer - IMEC
Eric Beyne - IMEC