Technical Program

Session 46: Student Session
Committee: Interactive Presentations

Session Co-Chairs:

Alan Huffman
Micross Advanced Interconnect Technology
T +1-919-248-9216
Ibrahim Guven
Virginia Commonwealth University
T +1-804-827-3652


1. A Novel Degradation Model for LED Reliability Assessment with Accelerated Stress and Self-Heating Consideration
Minh-Tuan Truong - CEA-LETI
Laurent Mendizabal - CEA-LETI
Phuc Do - University of Lorraine
Benoit Iung - University of Lorraine

2. A Flexible Power Module for Wearable Medical Devices with Wireless Recharging using Corrugated Flexible Coils
Guangqi Ouyang - University of California, Los Angeles
Goutham Ezhilarasu - University of California, Los Angeles
Henry Sun - University of California, Los Angeles
Haoxiang Ren - University of California, Los Angeles
Yu-Tao Yang - University of California, Los Angeles
Subramanian Iyer - University of California, Los Angeles

3. Transmission Lines on Alumina Ribbon Ceramic (ARC) Substrate Material for 30 to 170 GHz Wireless Applications
Nahid Aslani Amoli - Georgia Institute of Technology
Mutee Ur Rehman - Georgia Institute of Technology
Sridhar Sivapurapu - Georgia Institute of Technology
Fuhan Liu - Georgia Institute of Technology
Madhavan Swaminathan - Georgia Institute of Technology
Cheng-Gang Zhuang - Corning
Nikolay Zhelev - Corning
Seong-ho Seok - Corning
Cheolbok Kim - Corning

4. 3D Silicon Photonic Interconnects and Integrated Circuits Based on Phase Matching
Abdelsalam Aboketaf - GLOBALFOUNDRIES

5. Screen-Printed Water-Soluble Resistors for Wearable Electronics: An Analysis of the Fabrication Process
Udara Somarathna - Binghamton University
Behnam Garakani - Binghamton University
Darshana Weerawarne - Binghamton University
Gurvinder Khinda - Binghamton University
Andrew Burns - GE Global Research
Azar Alizadeh - GE Global Research
Mark Poliks - Binghamton University

6. Early Microstructural Indicators of Crack Initiation in Lead-Free Solder Joints Under Thermomechanical Test
Emna Ben Romdhane - IRT Saint Exupery
Pierre Roumanille - IMS Laboratory Bordeaux
Alexandrine Gu├ędon-Gracia - IRT Saint Exupery
Samuel Pin - IRT Saint Exupery
Patrick Nguyen - ELEMCA
Helene Fremont - IMS Laboratory Bordeaux

7. Prognostic Detection of Electromigration Void Failure in Buried Metal Interconnect using Piezorestive Sensors
Ari Laor - University of Waterloo
David Nairn - University of Waterloo

8. Aerosol Jet 3D-Printed Compact EBG-Based Resonators
Xenofon Konstantinou - Michigan State University
Michael Thomas Craton - Michigan State University
John D. Albrecht - Michigan State University
John Papapolymerou - Michigan State University

9. Microstructure Evolution and Mechanical Properties of SAC305 With the Intense Pulsed Light Soldering Process Under High Temperature Storage Test
Jun Ho Jang - Sungkyunkwan University
Choong-Jae Lee - Sungkyunkwan University
Byeong-Uk Hwang - Sungkyunkwan University
Kyung Deuk Min - Sungkyunkwan University
Jae-Ha Kim - Sungkyunkwan University
Seung-Boo Jung - Sungkyunkwan University

10. Comparison of Global Optimization Algorithms for Inverse Design of Substrate Metal Density for Low Warpage Design in Ultra-Thin Packages
Cheryl Selvanayagam - Singapore University of Technology and Design
Pham Luu Trung Duong - Singapore University of Technology and Design
Brett Wilkerson - Advanced Micro Devices
Nagarajan Raghavan - Singapore University of Technology and Design

11. Characterization of Chip-to-Package Interconnects for Glass Panel Embedding (GPE) for Sub-THz Wireless Communications
Serhat Erdogan - Georgia Institute of Technology
Siddharth Ravichandran - Georgia Institute of Technology
Xiaofan Jia - Georgia Institute of Technology
Madhavan Swaminathan - Georgia Institute of Technology

12. Relationship Between the Grain Orientation and the Electromigration Reliability of Electronic Packaging Interconnects
Yi Ram Kim - University of Texas at Arlington
Allison Osmanson - University of Texas at Arlington
Hossein Madanipour - University of Texas at Arlington
Mohsen Tajedini - University of Texas at Arlington
Choong-Un Kim - University of Texas at Arlington
Patrick Thompson - Texas Instruments, Inc.
Qiao Chen - Texas Instruments, Inc.

13. Mechanical Behavior and Microstructure Evolution in Lead Free Solders Subjected to Mechanical Cycling at Elevated Temperatures
Mohd Aminul Hoque - Auburn University
Mohammad Ashraful Haq - Auburn University
Jeffrey C. Suhling - Auburn University
Pradeep Lall - Auburn University

14. Investigation of Aromatic Voltage Stabilizers for Enhancing High Voltage Stability of Epoxy in Power Electronics
Jiaxiong Li - Georgia Institute of Technology
Kathaperumal Mohanalingam - Georgia Institute of Technology
Omkar Gupte - Georgia Institute of Technology
Zhijian Sun - Georgia Institute of Technology
Kyoung-sik Moon - Georgia Institute of Technology
Ching-ping Wong - Georgia Institute of Technology