Technical Program

Session 5: Technologies for Advanced Substrates and Flip-Chip Bonding
Committee: Packaging Technologies

Session Co-Chairs:

Kuldip Johal
T +18033700669
Luu Nguyen
Psi Quantum
T +1-408-551-9117


1. Miniaturized 3D Functional Interposer Using Bumpless Chip-on-Wafer (COW) Integration with Capacitors
Tatsuya Funaki - Tokyo Institute of Technology
Yoshiaki Satake - Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Kyosuke Kobinata - Tokyo Institute of Technology
Chih-Cheng Hsiao - Industrial Technology Research Institute
Hitoshi Matsuno - Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Shunsuke Abe - Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Youngsuk Kim - Tokyo Institute of Technology
Takayuki Ohba - Tokyo Institute of Technology

2. Multi-frequency Miniaturized RF Components Using Hybrid Substrates
Saikat Mondal - Michigan State University
Saranraj Karuppuswami Deepak Kumar Premjeet Chahal

3. Next Generation of Adhesion Enhancement System for High Speed Substrate Manufacturing
Thomas Thomas - Atotech
Patrick Brooks - Atotech
Fabian Michalik - Atotech
Wonjin Cho - Atotech

4. Two-Step Fabrication Process for Die-to-Die and Die-to-Wafer Cu-Cu Bonds
Jia Juen Ong - National Chiao Tung University
Kai-Cheng Shie - National Chiao Tung University
King-Ning Tu - National Chiao Tung University
Chih Chen - National Chiao Tung University

5. Cu Pillar Bump Design Parameters for Flip Chip Integration
Shengmin Wen - Synaptics
Jason Goodelle - Synaptics Inc
VanDee Moua - Synaptics Inc
Kenny Huang - Synaptics Inc
Christine Xiao - Synaptics Inc

6. Design, Materials, Process, Fabrication, and Reliability of Mini-LED RGB Display by Fan-Out Panel-Level Packaging
John Lau - Unimicron Technology
CT Ko - Unimicron Technology
Curry Lin - Unimicron Technology
TJ Tseng - Unimicron Technology
Henry Yang - Unimicron Technology
Tim Xia - Unimicron Technology
Bruce Lin - Unimicron Technology
Tony Peng - Unimicron Technology
Eagle Lin - Unimicron Technology
Leo Chang - Unimicron Technology
Ning Liu - Unimicron Technology

7. Self-assembly and Mass Reflow of Copper Bumps for Flip-Chip Hybridization in Photonic Applications
Thierry Mourier - CEA-LETI
J. Auffret - CEA-LETI
Laura Boutafa - CEA-LETI
Nadia Miloud-Ali - CEA-LETI
Laurent Mendizabal - CEA-LETI
Patrick Peray - CEA-LETI
Olivier Castany - CEA-LETI