Technical Program

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Session 4: Automotive and Harsh Environment Reliability
8:00 AM - 11:40 AM
Committee: Applied Reliability
Room: Nautilus 1 & 2

Session Co-Chairs:

Varughese Mathew
NXP Semiconductors
T +1-512-895-6293
Vikas Gupta
Texas Instruments, Inc.
T +1-214-567-3160


1. 8:00 AM - Novel Corrosion Prevention Treatments for Cu Wire Bonded Device to Improve Bonding Reliability
Muthappan Asokan - University Of North Texas
Joshua Caperton - University Of North Texas
Zachary Thompson - University Of North Texas
Mahmud Chowdhury - Texas Instruments Inc.
Shawn O' Connor - Texas Instruments Inc.
Luu Nguyen - Texas Instruments Inc.

2. 8:25 AM - Package Material Selection Criteria for High Temperature Automotive Applications
Rene Rongen - NXP Semiconductors
Amar Mavinkurve - NXP Semiconductors
Orla O'Halloran - NXP Semiconductors
Norman Owens - NXP Semiconductors
Yann Weber - NXP Semiconductors
Pascal Oberndorff - NXP Semiconductors
Mark Luke Farrugia - NXP Semiconductors
Erik van Olst - NXP Semiconductors
Michiel van Soestbergen - NXP Semiconductors

3. 8:50 AM - Improve Interconnect Reliability of BGA Substrate with Stacked Vias by Reducing Carbon Inclusion in the Interface between Via and Land
Kejun Zeng - Texas Instruments, Inc.
Jaimal Williamson - Texas Instruments, Inc.

4. 10:00 AM - Understanding Underfill degradation in reliability testing conditions for ADAS packages development
Ziyin Lin - Intel Corporation
Vijay Subramanian Pramod Malatkar Nisha Anathakrishnan

5. 10:25 AM - Quantification and Modeling of Microstructural Evolution in Lead Free Solders During Long Term Isothermal Aging
Sudan Ahmed - Auburn University
Jing Wu - Auburn University
Nianjun Fu - Auburn University
Jeffrey Suhling - Auburn University
Pradeep Lall - Auburn University

6. 10:50 AM - Reliability Enhancement of Automotive Electronic Modules Using Various Glues
Dongji Xie - Nvidia.Corp
Zhongming Wu - Nvidia Corp.
Joe Hai - Nvidia Corp.
Manthos Economou - Nvidia Corp.

7. 11:15 AM - High-Temperature And Moisture Ageing Reliability Of High-Density Power Packages For Electric Vehicles
Shreya Dwarakanath - Georgia Institute of Technology
Raj Pulugurtha - Georgia Institute of Technology
Vanessa Smet - Georgia Institute of Technology
Venky Sundaram - Georgia Institute of Technology
Mark Losego - Georgia Institute of Technology
Rao Tummala - Georgia Institute of Technology