65th ECTC Highlights

Best Papers

1) Best Session Paper
   “Automated, Self-Aligned Assembly of 12 Fibers per Nanophotonic Chip with Standard Microelectronics Assembly Tooling” by Tymon Barwicz, Nicolas Boyer, Stephane Harel, Alexander Janta-Polczynski, Swetha Kamlapurkar, Sebastian Engelmann, Yurii A. Vlasov, and Paul Fortier – IBM Corporation; Ted W. Lichoulas and Eddie L. Kimbrell – AFL Telecommunications

2) Best Interactive Presentation Paper
   “Modeling, Design and Demonstration of Low-Temperature, Low-Pressure and High-Throughput Thermocompression Bonding of Copper Interconnections without Solders” by Ninad Shahane, Scott McCann, Venky Sundaram, Pulugurtha Markondeya Raj, Vanessa Smet, and Rao Tummala – Georgia Institute of Technology; Gustavo Ramos, Arnd Killian, and Robin Taylor – Atotech GmbH

3) Outstanding Session Paper
   “Noise Coupling between TSVs and Active Devices: Planar nMOSFETs vs. nFinFETs” by Xiao Sun, W. Guo, C. Roda Neve, I. De Wolf, G. Van der Plas, E. Beyne, and P. Absil – IMEC; A. Rouhu Najaf Abadi – Katholieke Universiteit Leuven; K. Ben Ali, M. Rack, and J. P. Raskin – Université Catholique de Louvain; M. Choi and V. Moroz – Synopsys, Inc.

4) Outstanding Interactive Presentation Paper
   “On the Failure Mechanism in Lead-Free Flip-Chip Interconnects Comprising ENIG Finish during Electromigration” by Marek Gorywoda – Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften Hof; Rainer Dohle, Andreas Wirth, Bernd Burger, and Jörg Goßler – Micro Systems Engineering GmbH

5) Intel Best Student Paper
   “Size Effect on Ductile-to-Brittle Transition in Cu-Solder-Cu Micro-Joints” by Yaodong Wang, Igor M. De Rosa, and K. N. Tu – University of California, Los Angeles

Event Presentations

1) 2015 ECTC Luncheon Keynote – Smartphone-Powered Future
   Matthew Grob – Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

2) 2015 ECTC Special Session:  Sustainability in Microelectronics (Chair: Ibrahim Guven – Virginia Commonwealth University)
   William Bullock – University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
   Karen Butner – IBM Corporation
   Corey Gough – Intel Corporation
   Michelle Lee – Qualcomm Technologies Inc.
   Michael Pierce – Texas Instruments

3) 2015 Assembly & Manufacturing and Advanced Packaging Special Session – Advancements in Bio-Medical Technology & Associated Packaging (Chairs: Shawn Shi – Medtronic, John Knickerbocker – IBM Corporation)
   Gaurav Jain – Medtronic
   Kaustubh Nagakar – General Electric
   Gabriel Mouchawar – St. Jude Medical
   Robert Schuelke – Mayo Clinic
   Navin Govind – Aventyn

4) 2015 ECTC Panel Session – Nanopackaging: Hype, Hope, or Happening (Chairs: James E. Morris – Portland State University, Jie Xue – CPMT President, Cisco Systems Inc.)
   Alexander Balandin – University of California, Riverside
   Taisuke Iwai – Fujitsu Laboratories
   Nancy Iwamoto – Honeywell
   Ravi Mahajan – Intel Corporation
   Katsuaki Suganuma – Osaka University

5) 2015 ECTC Plenary Session – The Internet of Things and the Future of Interconnected Electronics (Chair: E. Jan Vardaman – TechSearch International, Inc.)
   Jerry Tzou – TSMC
   Li Li – Cisco Systems, Inc.
   Ilyas Mohammed – Jawbone
   Subramanian Iyer – IBM Corporation, University of California, Los Angeles  

6) 2015 CPMT Women’s Panel & Reception – Own Your Professional Success – What You Should Do (Chair: Beth Keser – Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.)
   Jie Xue – Cisco Systems, Inc.
   Jean Trewhella – GLOBALFOUNDRIES
   Navrina Singh – Qualcomm Labs, Inc.

7) 2015 CPMT Seminar – Liquid and Phase-Change Cooling for High-Performance Systems (Chairs: Venkatesh Sundarem – Georgia Institute of Technology, Yasumitsu Orii – IBM Research Tokyo)
   Jie Wei – Fujitsu
   Hitoshi Sakamoto – NEC Corporation
   Kousuke Suzuki – Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.
   Yasuhiro Kawase – Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation

Media Coverage

1) Chip Scale Review
   2015 ECTC continues its tradition of excellence
   IEEE Components, Packaging and Manufacturing Technology Society Honors 2015 Award Winners

2) 3D InCites
   What’s In Store for Attendees at ECTC 2015
   ECTC 2015: Advanced Packaging Sets Sail in San Diego
   ECTC 2015 Supplier Update
   1551 Industry Experts Demonstrate at ECTC: IC Packaging Technology is Essential for Success
   ECTC 2015: From the Tech Sessions Part 2

3) Google Translated Articles by Nakajima Hirofumi in Nikkei Technology Online
  The dissociated the expectations and reality of the three-dimensional IC, the number of participants record
  TSMC, the 2.5-dimensional IC production ramp struggling
  Technique appeared to be low temperature of the flip chip bonding in Cu nanoparticles
  TSMC lecture in WLCSP, raise the technical level in implementation

4) Solid State Technology - Insights From Leading Edge
   IFTLE 245 2015 IEEE ECTC part 1 Thermo compression Bonding
   IFTLE 246 ECTC 2: IMEC 2.5/3D Process Developments and Low Temp Bonding for Si on Diamond
   IFTLE 247 ECTC part 3: More Thermo Compression Bonding from Intel and ASM

5) Circuits Assembly
   ECTC2015: What Was Hot and What Was Not