Professional Development Courses


The 2022 ECTC Professional Development Courses are a good representation of topics of interest for Electronic Packaging Technologists.  Each of these courses are presented by world-class experts, enabling participants to broaden their technical knowledge base.  As in previous years (prior to pandemic) there will be 16 courses, each 4 hours long presented on the 1st day of the Conference.   A list of these professional development courses is provided below.  As a potential attendee please review them so that you select the specific course or courses that you would like to register for. All PDCs are taught on May 31, 2022

Kitty Pearsall, PhD., PE


  1. Achieving High Reliability of Lead-Free Solder Joints -- Materials Considerations
    Course Leader: Ning-Cheng Lee – Consultant
  2. Wafer-Level Chip-Scale Packaging (WCSP) Fundamentals
    Course Leader: Patrick Thompson– Texas Instruments, Inc.
  3. Fundamentals of RF Design and Fabrication Processes of Fan-Out Wafer/Panel Level Packages and Interposers
    Course Leader: Ivan Ndip and Markus Wöhrmann – Fraunhofer IZM
  4. Eliminating Failure Mechanisms in Advanced Packages
    Course Leader: Darvin Edwards – Edwards Enterprises
  5. Packaging and Heterogeneous Integration for Automotive Electronics and Advanced Characterization of EMCs
    Course Leaders: Przemyslaw Gromala – Robert Bosch GmbH
  6. Avoiding inelastic strains in solder joint interconnections of IC packages
    Course Leaders: Ephraim Suhir – Portland State University
  7. Flip Chip Technologies
    Course Leader: Shengmin Wen – JCET and Eric Perfecto – IBM Research
  8. Reliable Integrated Thermal Packaging for Power Electronics
    Course Leaders: Patrick McCuskey – University of Maryland


  1. Additive Flexible Hybrid Electronics – Manufacturing and Reliability
    Course Leader: Pradeep Lall – Auburn University
  2. From Wafer to Panel Level Packaging
    Course Leaders: Tanja Braun and Michael Töpper – Fraunhofer IZM
  3. Fan-out Wafer/panel-level Packaging and Chiplet Design and Heterogeneous Integration Packaging
    Course Leader: John Lau – Unimicron
  4. Reliability Engineering Testing Methodology and Statistical Knowledge for Qualifications of Consumer and Automotive Electronic Components
    Course Leader: Fen Chen (GM Cruise)
  5. Introduction of Two-Phase Cooling of High-Power Electronics
    Course Leader: John R. Thome -- JJ Cooling Innovation
  6. Multi-Physics Modeling and Simulation in Electronic Packaging Theory, Implementation and Best Practices
    Course Leader: Xuejun Fan – Lamar University
  7. Polymers in Wafer Level Packaging
    Course Leaders: Jeffrey Gotro –InnoCentrix, LLC
  8. Thermal Management of Electronics
    Course Leaders: Jaime Sanchez – Intel Corporation

Contact Kitty Pearsall, the ECTC PDC Committee chair, in case of questions.