70th ECTC Highlights

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Best Papers

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1) Best Session Paper
  InFO_SoW (System-on-Wafer) for High Performance Computing
Shu-Rong Chun, Tin-Hao Kuo, Hao-Yi Tsai, Chung-Shi Liu, Chuei-Tang Wang, Jeng-Shien Hsieh, Tsung-Shu Lin, Terry Ku, Douglas Yu - Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing

2) Best Interactive Presentation Paper
  Embedded 3D-IPD Technology based on Conformal 3D-RDL: Application for Design and Fabrication of Compact, High-Performance Diplexer and Ultra-Wide Band
Ayad Ghannam, Alessandro Magnani, David Bourrier, Thierry Parra - 3DiS Technologies

3) Outstanding Session Paper
  10 and 7 µm Pitch Thermo-Compression Solder Joint, Using a Novel Solder Pillar and Metal Spacer Process
Jaber Derakhshandek, Giovanni Capuz, Vladimir Cherman, Funnihiro Inoue, Inge De Preter, Lin Hou, Pieter Bex, Carine Gerets, Fabrice Duval, Thomas Webers, Julien Bertheau, Stefaan Van Huylenbroeck, Alain Phommahaxay, Ehsan Shafahian, Geert Van der Plas, Eric Beyne, Andy Miller, Gerald Beyer - IMEC

4) Outstanding Interactive Presentation Paper
  Processing Glass Substrate for Advanced Packaging Using Laser Induced Deep Etching
Rafael Santos, Jean-Pol Delrue, Norbert Ambrosius, Roman Ostholt, Stephan Schmidt - LPKF Laser & Electronics AG

5) Intel Best Student Session Paper
  A Comprehensive Study of Electromigration in Lead-free Solder Joint
Jiefeng Xu, Chongyang Cai, Vanlai Pham, Ke Pan, Huayan Wang, Seungbae Park - Binghamton University

Event Presentations

1)      2020 ECTC Virtual Conference Keynote: Innovative Heterogeneous Integration Technologies Initiate a New Semiconductor Era
   Douglas Yu – Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC

Special Session: Bridge to quantum Computing
(Chairs: Nicholas Bronn – IBM Research and Pavel Roy Paladhi – IBM Systems)
Nicholas Bronn – IBM Research Yorktown Heights
Paul Franzon – North Carolina State University
Amir Jafari-Salim – SeeQC
Rabindra Das – MIT Lincoln Laboratory

Special Session: Diversity and Inclusion Drives Innovation and Productivity
(Chairs: Kitty Pearsall – Boss Precision and Cristina Amon – University of Toronto)
Adeel Bajwa – Kulicke and Soffa Industries
Allyson Hardzell – Veryst Engineering, LLC.
Amy S. Fleisher – California Polytechnic State University
Ivan Ndip – Fraunhofer IZM

Special Session: 3DIC - Past, Present and Future
(Chairs: Michael Mayer – University of Waterloo)
Douglas Yu – TSMC
Eric Beyne – IMEC
Mitsumasa Koyanagi – Tohoku University
Paul Franzon – North Carolina State University
Peter Ramm – Franhofer Research Institute for Microsystems and Solid State Technologies (EMFT)

Special Session: Future Semiconductor Packages For Artificial Intelligence Hardware
(Chairs: Yasumitsu Orii – Nagase and Pavel Roy Paladhi – Shigenori Aoki - Fujitsu)
Hiroyuki Akinaga – The National Institute of Advanced Science and Technology (AIST)
Rama Divakaruni – IBM T. J. Watson Research, Albany NY
Subramanian S. Iyer – University of California, Los Angeles, “CHIPS”
Swaminathan Madhavan – Georgia Institute of Technology
Takashi Hisada – IBM Research Tokyo

Special Session: Heterogeneous Integration Roadmap Workshop
Amr Helmy – University of Toronto
Bill Bottoms – 3MT Solutions
Ravi Mahajan – Intel
Tom Salmon – SEMI
William Chen – ASE

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