Technical Program

Session 15: Material and Process Advancements for Interconnects and Metallurgy Reliability
Committee: Materials & Processing

Session Co-Chairs:

Zhangming Zhou
Alvin Lee
Brewer Science
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1. The Study of Packaging Substrate Effect in FCBGA by Laser Assisted Bonding
Yu Lung Huang - SPIL Taiwan
Joe Huang - SPIL Taiwan
C. M. Huang - SPIL Taiwan
Kuo Haw Yu - SPIL Taiwan
Tank Luo - SPIL Taiwan
Wilson Hong - SPIL Taiwan
Taishin Ren - SPIL Taiwan

2. Au-Less, Ni-Less & Roughness-Less PCB Cu Surface Treatment Using All-in-One Al2O3 Passivation
Soojae Park - Samsung Electronics Company, Ltd.
Geonwoo Kim - Simmtech Co., Ltd.
Chanmi Oh - Simmtech Co., Ltd.
Munsang Yoo - Simmtech Co., Ltd.
Kyujin Lee - Simmtech Co., Ltd.
Ken Lee - Simmtech Co., Ltd.

3. Challenges and Key Learnings in Enabling Low Temperature Solder (LTS)Technology at Packaging Components Supply Base
Anna Prakash - Intel Corporation
Shereen Elhalawaty - Intel Corporation
Srinivasu Erukula - Intel Corporation
Rob Schum - Intel Corporation
Jason Lim - Intel Corporation
Kevin Byrd - Intel Corporation
Rajen Sidhu - Intel Corporation
Nilesh Badwe - Intel Corporation

4. A Novel Bi-Free Low Temperature Solder Paste with Outstanding Drop-Shock Resistance
Hongwen Zhang - Indium Corporation
Sam Lytwynec - Indium Corporation
Huaguang Wang - Indium Corporation
Jie Geng - Indium Corporation
Francis Mutuku - Indium Corporation
Ning-Cheng Lee - Indium Corporation

5. Process Developments in Transient Liquid Phase Bonding of Bi-Ni for High-Temperature Pb-Free Solder Alternatives
Hamid Fallahdoost - Binghamton University
Junghyun Cho - Binghamton University

6. Electromigration Effect on the Pd Coated Cu Wirebond
Mohsen Tajedini - University of Texas at Arlington
Allison Osmanson - University of Texas at Arlington
Yi Ram Kim - University of Texas at Arlington
Hossein Madanipour - University of Texas at Arlington
Choong-un Kim - University of Texas at Arlington
Bradley Glasscock - Texas Instruments, Inc., Dallas, TX 75243
Mohammad Khan - Texas Instruments, Inc., Dallas, TX 75243

7. Effects of Aging on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Sn-Ag-Cu-Bi Solder Alloys
Vishnu Shukla - University of Central Florida
Omar Ahmed - Juniper Networks
Golareh Jalilvand - University of South Carolina
Abhishek Mehta - University of Central Florida
Peng Su - Juniper Networks
Tengfei Jiang - University of Central Florida