Technical Program

Session 30: Package to System Level Thermo-Mechanical Reliability Modeling
Committee: Thermal/Mechanical Simulation & Characterization

Session Co-Chairs:

Tieyu Zheng
Microsoft Corporation
T +1-425- 722-1141
Suresh K. Sitaraman
Georgia Institute of Technology
T +1-404-894-3405


1. Testing and Modeling of Board Level Reliability of WLCSP under UHAST Conditions
Liangbiao Chen - ON
Xuejun Fan - Lamar University
Yong Liu - ON Semiconductor

2. Life Prediction of Thin Flexible Batteries under U-Flex-to-Install, Dynamic Folding, Dynamic Twisting and Battery Lamination
Pradeep Lall - Auburn University
Ved Soni - Auburn University
Jinesh Narangaparambil - Auburn University
Hyesoo Jang - Auburn University
Scott Miller - NextFlex National Manufacturing Institute

3. Board-Level Reliability Performance of Enterprise and Datacenter SSD Form Factor (EDSFF)
Chun-Sean Lau - Western Digital Corporation
Ahmad Faridzul Hilmi Shamsuddin - Western Digital Corporation
Ning Ye - Western Digital Corporation
Bo Yang - Western Digital Corporation

4. Improved Damage Modeling for Solder Joints under Combined Vibration and Temperature Cycling Loading
Robert David Johannes Hoehne - Technische Universität Dresden IAVT
Karsten Meier - University of Maryland CALCE
Abhijit Dasgupta - University of Maryland CALCE
David Leslie - Technische Universität Dresden IAVT
Karlheinz Bock - Technische Universität Dresden IAVT

5. Reliability Life Assessment and Prediction for High Density FOWLP package Using Finite Element Analysis and Statistical Approach
Lin Ji - Institute of Microelectronics, A*STAR
Tai Chong Chai - Institute of Microelectronics, A*STAR

6. New Methodologies for Evaluating Microelectronics Subject to Board-level Vibrations
Valeriy Khaldarov - ASONIKA, LLC
Dongji Xie - Nvidia Corporation
Jeffrey Lee - iST
Alexander Shalumov - ASONIKA, LLC

7. Reliability Analysis of 3D CSP MEMS and IC Under Thermal Cycle-Impact Coupled Multi-physics Loads
Shuye Zhang - Harbin Institute of Technology
Jianhao Xu - Harbin Institute of Technology
Shang Zhang - Harbin Institute of Technology
Peng He - Harbin Institute of Technology
Mingjia Sun - Harbin Institute of Technology
Jianqun Yang - Harbin Institute of Technology
Xingji Li - Harbin Institute of Technology
Kyung-Wook Paik - Harbin Institute of Technology