Technical Program

Session 37: Photonics, 5G, mm-Wave Applications & Techniques
Committee: Interactive Presentations

Session Co-Chairs:

Pavel Roy Paladhi
IBM Corporation
T +1-512-286-9677
Mark Poliks
Binghamton University
T +1-607-727-7014


1. Backside Cavities For Termal Tuning Optimization Of Silicon Ring Resonators
Pierre Tissier - CEA-LETI
Karim Hassan - CEA-LETI
Vincent Reboud - CEA-LETI
Rémi Vélard - CEA-LETI
Philippe Grosse - CEA-LETI
Stéphane Bernabé - CEA-LETI
Jean Charbonnier - CEA-LETI
Yvain Thonnart - CEA-LETI
Alexis Farcy - STMicroelectronics
Fabienne Ponthenier - CEA-LETI
Benoît Charbonnier - CEA-LETI

2. Low Temperature Hermetically Sealed, Optically Transparent Miniature Packages: From Medical to Space
Rony Jose James - CSEM SA
Guido Spinola Durante - CSEM SA
Vincent Revol - CSEM SA
Ivan Marozau - CSEM SA
Krzysztof Krasnopolski - CSEM SA
Mark Fretz - CSEM SA
Stefan Morhdiek - CSEM SA

3. Multiplexing Coupler Realized with Y-Branched GI Core Polymer Optical Waveguide for Mode Division Multiplexing in a 50-μm Multimode Fiber
Ryosuke Hatai - Keio University
Takaaki Ishigure - Keio University

4. Highly Reliable Polymer Waveguide Platform for Multi-port Photonic Chip-Packaging
Nikolaus Flöry - Vario-Optics AG
Markus Halter - Vario-Optics AG
Valentin Strässle - Vario-Optics AG
Felix Betschon - Vario-Optics AG
Theoni Alexoudi - University of Thessaloniki
Zervos Charalampos - National Technical University of Athens
Tobias Lamprecht - University of Applied Sciences Buchs OST

5. Selective Dielectric Deposition using a Dam Process for Millimeter Wave Circuit Applications
Cameron Crump - Michigan State University
Vincens Gjokaj - Michigan State University
Prem Chahal - Michigan State University

6. Characterizations for 25G/100G High Speed Fiber Optical Communication Applications with Hermetic eWLB (Embedded Wafer Level Ball Grid Array) Technology
Ming-Che Hsieh - JCET Group Co., Ltd.
Yin Yen Bong - JCET Group Co., Ltd.
Li Xia Huang - JCET Group Co., Ltd.
Ching Meng Fang - JCET Group Co., Ltd.
Tack Chee Yong - JCET Group Co., Ltd.
Bryan Bai - Wingcomm Inc.
Tony Wang - Wingcomm Inc.
Zhi Lu Yuan - Wingcomm Inc.
Yun Xia Li - Wingcomm Inc.

7. Design and Simulation of mm-Wave Diplexer on Substrate and Fan-Out Structure
Yu-Chang Hsieh - Advanced Semiconductor Engineering, Inc.
Pao-Nan Lee - Advanced Semiconductor Engineering, Inc.
Chen-Chao Wang - Advanced Semiconductor Engineering, Inc.

8. Hetrogenous Substrate and Its Charaterization for 5G mmWave Antenna in Package
Wei-Tung Chang - Advanced Semiconductor Engineering, Inc.
Shao-En Hsu - Advanced Semiconductor Engineering, Inc.
Jen Chieh Kao - Advanced Semiconductor Engineering, Inc.
Huei-Shyong Cho - Advanced Semiconductor Engineering, Inc.
Shihwen Lu - Advanced Semiconductor Engineering, Inc.
YE Yeh - Advanced Semiconductor Engineering, Inc.
Harrison Chang - Advanced Semiconductor Engineering, Inc.

9. Additively Manufactured Mobile Device Lens Case for 5G Antenna Gain
Bryson Horn - United States Naval Academy
Steven Yee - United States Naval Academy
Hatem Elbidweihy - United States Naval Academy
Deborah Mechtel - United States Naval Academy

10. Low-Profile Broadband Metasurface Antenna for 5G Antenna-in-Package Application
Weikang Wan - Institute of Microelectronics of Chinese Academy of Sciences
Yuxiang Zheng - Institute of Microelectronics of Chinese Academy of Sciences
Liqiang Cao - Institute of Microelectronics of Chinese Academy of Sciences
Tianchun Ye - Institute of Microelectronics of Chinese Academy of Sciences
Qidong Wang - Institute of Microelectronics of Chinese Academy of Sciences

11. Impact of Warpage on Signal Delivery with Large Size FC-PBGA package
Heeseok Lee - Samsung Electronics Company, Ltd.
Jisoo Hwang - Samsung Electronics Company, Ltd.
Heung-Kyu Kwon - Samsung Electronics Company, Ltd.
Junso Pak - Samsung Electronics Company, Ltd.