Technical Program

Session 4: Heterogeneous Integration Using 2.xD/3D Packaging Technologies
Committee: Packaging Technologies

Session Co-Chairs:

John Knickerbocker
IBM Corporation
T +1-914-945-3306
Subhash L. Shinde
Notre Dame University
T +1-574-631-1425


1. InFO_oS (Integrated Fan-Out on Substrate) Technology for Advanced Chiplet Integration
Yung-Ping Chiang - Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd
Shih-Peng Tai - Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd
Wei-Cheng Wu - Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd
John Yeh - Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd
Chuei-Tang Wang - Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd
Douglas C. H. Yu - Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd

2. Direct Bonded Heterogeneous Integration (DBHi) Si Bridge
Kamal Sikka - IBM Corporation
Ravi Bonam - IBM Corporation
Yang Liu - IBM Corporation
Paul Andry - IBM Corporation
Dishit Parekh - IBM Corporation
Aakrati Jain - IBM Corporation
Marc Bergendahl - IBM Corporation
Rama Divakaruni - IBM Corporation
Maryse Cournoyer - IBM Corporation
Pascale Gagnon - IBM Corporation
Catherine Dufort - IBM Corporation

3. Fan-Out (RDL-First) Panel-Level Hybrid Substrate for Heterogeneous Integration
John Lau - Unimicron Technology
Gary Chen - Unimicron Technology
Jones Huang - Unimicron Technology
Ricky Chou - Unimicron Technology
Channing Cheng-Lin Yang - Unimicron Technology
Hsing-Ning Liu - Unimicron Technology
TJ Tseng - Unimicron Technology

4. 2.2D Die last Integrated Substrate for High Performance Applications
Dyi Chung Hu - SiPlus Co.
Er Hao Chen - SiPlus Co.
Jeffrey ChangBing Lee - iST-Integrated Service Technology Inc.
Chia Peng Sun - CoreTech System Co.
Chih Chung Hsu - CoreTech System Co.

5. Novel High-Power Delivery Architecture for Heterogenous Integration Systems
Kannan Kalappurakal Thankappan - University of California, Los Angeles
Subramanian S. Iyer - University of California, Los Angeles

6. TSV-Last Integration to Replace ASIC Wire Bonds in the Assembly of X-ray Detector Arrays
Jennifer Ovental Hicks - Micross
Dean Malta - Micross
David Bordelon - Micross
Daniel Richter - Micross
Jaesub Hong - Harvard University
Jonathan Grindlay - Harvard University
Branden Allen - Harvard University
Daniel Violette - Harvard University
Hiromasa Miyasaka - California Institute of Technology

7. Chiplets in Wafers (CiW) – Process Design Kit and Demonstration of High-Frequency Circuits with GaN Chiplets in Silicon Interposers
Florian Herrault - HRL Laboratories, LLC
Joel Wong - HRL Laboratories, LLC
Ignacio Ramos - HRL Laboratories, LLC
Haw Tai - HRL Laboratories, LLC
Matthew King - HRL Laboratories, LLC