Technical Program

Program Sessions: Wednesday May 31st 2:00 PM — 5:05 PM

Session 7: Large Formfactor Dense System Integration by FanOut
Committee: Packaging Technologies
Room: Palazzo D

Session Co-Chairs:

Steffen Kroehnert
ESPAT Consulting, Germany
Email: [email protected]

Bora Baloglu
Intel Corporation
Email: [email protected]


1. 3D Freeform Antenna-in-Package Approach for FOWLP
Tanja Braun — Fraunhofer IZM
Tina Thomas — Fraunhofer IZM
Karl-Friedrich Becker — Fraunhofer IZM
Thi Huyen Le — Fraunhofer IZM
Christian Tschoban — Fraunhofer IZM
Rolf Aschenbrenner — Fraunhofer IZM
Martin Schneider-Ramelow — Technical University Berlin

2. High-Speed Performance Validation Testing of Die-to-Die Interconnects in High-Density Fan-Out Package
Cindy Muir — Intel Corporation
Carlton Hannah — Intel Corporation
Bernd Waidhas — Intel Corporation
Abdallah Bacha — Intel Corporation
Hui Zhang — Intel Corporation

3. Extremely Large Area Integrated Circuit (ELAIC): An Advanced Packaging Solution for Chiplets
Rabindra Das — MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Jason Plant — MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Alex Wynn — MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Matthew Ricci — MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Ryan Johnson — MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Matthew Stamplis — MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Brian Tyrrell — MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Kenneth Schultz — MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Paul Juodawlkis — MIT Lincoln Laboratory

4. Advanced Fan-Out Panel Level Package (FO-PLP) Development for High-End Mobile Application
Hyungmin Kim — Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
Jaehoon Choi — Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
Seok Won Lee — Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
Eun Seok Cho — Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
Hwasub Oh — Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
Junho Lee — Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
Seungsu Ha — Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
Wonkyung Choi — Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
Dong Wook Kim — Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

5. Integrating Chiplets Using Chips First Ultra-High-Density Fan-Out With Maskless Laser Direct Imaging and Adaptive Patterning for High Performance Computing
Benedict San Jose — Deca Technologies, Inc.
Cliff Sandstrom — Deca Technologies, Inc.
Erick Talain — Deca Technologies, Inc.
Jan Kellar — Deca Technologies, Inc.
Tim Olson — Deca Technologies, Inc.
Mary Maye Melgo — Nepes Hayyim Corporation
Rizi Gacho — Nepes Hayyim Corporation
Byung Cheol Kim — Nepes Hayyim Corporation

6. Reliability Challenges of Large Organic Substrate With High-Density Fan-Out Package
Rosa Lin — MediaTek, Inc.
Laurene Yip — MediaTek, Inc.
Charles Lai — MediaTek, Inc.
Cooper Peng — MediaTek, Inc.

7. Flip Chip Process Enablement in DRAM Stacked Die Package
Chen-Yu Huang — Microsoft Corporation
Tsung-Han Chiang — Microsoft Corporation
Jungbae Lee — Microsoft Corporation
Kohan Lin — Microsoft Corporation
Travis Jensen — Micron Technology, Inc.
Chong-Leong Gan — Microsoft Corporation