Technical Program

Session 9: Advances in Cu Bonding
Committee: Interconnections

Session Co-Chairs:

C. Key Chung
TongFu Microelectronics Co. Ltd.
T +86-15365568052;
Chih-Hang Tung
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company
T (+886)-3-5636688


1. Low Temperature Wafer-to-Wafer Hybrid Bonding by Nanotwinned Copper
Wei-Lan Chiu - Industrial Technology Research Institute
Ou-Hsiang Lee - Industrial Technology Research Institute
Chia-Wen Chiang - Industrial Technology Research Institute
Hsiang-Hung Chang - Industrial Technology Research Institute

2. Room Temperature KlettWelding Interconnect Technology for High Performance CMOS Logic
Farough Roustaie - NanoWired GmbH
Sebastian Quednau - NanoWired GmbH
Florian Weissenborn - NanoWired GmbH
Olav Birlem - NanoWired GmbH
David Riehl - TU Darmstadt
Xiang Ding - TU Darmstadt
Andreas Kramer - TU Darmstadt
Klaus Hofmann - TU Darmstadt

3. Low Temperature Cu-Cu Bonding with Electroless Deposited Metal Passivation for Fine-Pitch 3D Packaging
Yuan-Chiu Huang - National Chiao Tung University
Demin Liu - National Chiao Tung University
Kuma Hsiung - National Chiao Tung University
Tzu-Chieh Chou - National Chiao Tung University
Han-Wen Hu - National Chiao Tung University
Arvind Sundarrajan - National Chiao Tung University
Hsin Chi Chang - National Chiao Tung University
Yi-Yu Pan - National Chiao Tung University
Ming-Wei Weng - National Chiao Tung University
Kuan-Neng Chen - National Chiao Tung University

4. Low Temperature Hybrid Bonding for Die to Wafer Stacking Applications
Guilian Gao - Xperi Corporation
Gill Fountain - Xperi Corporation
Dominik Suwito - Xperi Corporation
Jeremy Theil - Xperi Corporation
Thomas Workman - Xperi Corporation
Cyprian Uzoh - Xperi Corporation
Gabe Guevara - Xperi Corporation
Bongsub Lee - Xperi Corporation
Laura Mirkarimi - Xperi Corporation
Michael Huyhn - Xperi Corporation
Pawel Mrozek - Xperi Corporation

5. Low-Temperature All-Cu Interconnections Formed by Pressure-Less Sintering of Cu Pillars with Nanoporous-Cu Caps
Ramon Sosa - Georgia Institute of Technology
Kashyap Mohan - Texas Instruments, Inc.
Antonia Antoniou - Georgia Institute of Technology
Vanessa Smet - Georgia Institute of Technology
Denise Thienpont - On Semiconductor Corp
YY Tan - On Semiconductor Corp

6. Key Elements for Hybridization Technology Development of 2000x2000 Pixels Infrared Focal Plane Arrays
Julien Roumegoux - Lynred
Yannick Loquet - Lynred
Bastien Brosse - Lynred
Eric Micoud - Lynred
H. Leininger - Lynred

7. Numerical Investigation on Microfluidic Electroless Deposition for Uniform Copper Pillar Microbumps Interconnection
Yonglin Zhang - Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Haibin Chen - Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Haibo Fan - Nexperia
Jinglei Yang - Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Jingshen Wu - Southern University of Science and Technology