66th ECTC Highlights

Best Papers

1) Best Session Paper
  High-Frequency Analysis of Embedded Microfluidic Cooling Within 3-D ICs Using a TSV Testbed”
Authors: Hanju Oh, Xucheng Zhang, Gary S. May, and Muhannad S. Bakir – Georgia Institute of Technology

2) Best Interactive Presentation Paper
  "Constitutive Relations for Finite Element Modeling of SnAgCu in Thermal Cycling – How Wrong We Were!" - Peter Borgesen, Thaer Alghoul, Farhan Batieha, Nardeeka Adams, Saif Khasawneh, Dustin Watson, and Chris Greene – Binghamton University

3) Outstanding Session Paper
  “Eternal Packages: Liquid Metal Flip Chip Devices” - Authors: Assane Ndieguene, Pierre Albert, and Julien Sylvestre – Université de Sherbrooke; Clément Fortin and Valérie Oberson – IBM Corporation

4) Outstanding Interactive Presentation Paper
  "20” x 20” Panel Size Glass IPD Interposer Manufacturing" - YuHu Chen, ChunHsien Chien, YuChung Hsieh, WeiTi Lin, WenLiang Yeh, ChienChou Chen, and TzvyJang Tseng – Unimicron Technology Corp.; Hobie Yune – Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

5) Intel Best Student Paper
  "Non-Linear Finite Element Analysis on Stacked Die Package Subjected to Integrated Vapor-Hygro-Thermal-Mechanical Stress" - J. Wang and S. Park - Binghamton University

6) Texas Instruments Outstanding Student Interactive Presentation Paper Award
   "2D Grating Pitch Mapping of a Through Silicon Via (TSV) and Solder Ball Interconnect Region Using Laser Diffraction" - T. Houghton, M. Saxon, Z. Song, H. Nguyen, H. Jiang, and H. Yu - Arizona State University

Event Presentations

1) 2016 Luncheon Keynote- Dare Mighty Things: Landing a Car on Mars
   Presenter: Jordan P. Evans, Manager of the Mechanical Systems Division, Jet Propulsion Laboratory

2) Memory Technology Advances and Prospects for Packaging
(Chair: Nanju Na – Xilinx, Inc.)
   Bryan Black – Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. Road to the AMD FIJI GPU
   Sandeep Bharathi – Xilinx, Inc. High Performance Memories in FPGAs
   Nick Kim – SK Hynix, Inc Prospect for the Memory Packaging Technology
   Craig Hampel – Rambus, Inc. Architecture or Package Design--Which comes first?
   Ravi Mahajan – Intel Corporation Memory Demand Trends & What they mean to Packaging Technology

3) 2016 Optoelectronics Special Session: Emerging Optical Interconnect Packaging for the Cloud
(Chairs: Kannan Raj – Oracle and Fuad Doany – IBM Corporation)

   Frank Flens – Finisar Corporation
   Peter De Dobbeleare – Luxtera, Inc.
   Wilfried Haensch – IBM Corporation
   Ashok Krishnamoorthy – Oracle
   Erin Byrne – TE Connectivity, Ltd.

4) 2016 ECTC Panel Session:Power Module Integration
(Chairs: Yoshikazu Takahashi – Fuji Electric Co. Ltd. and Patrick McCluskey –University of Maryland,College Park)

   Klaus-Dieter Lang, Fraunhofer IZM
   Bernd Roemer - Infineon Technologies AG
   Hiroshi Hozoji, Hitachi, Ltd.
   Yoshiyuki Nagatomo, Mitsubishi MaterialsCorporation
   Jared Hornberger, Wolfspeed
   Avi Bar-Cohen - University of Maryland,College Park

5) 2016 CPMT  Women’s Panel:Maximize Your Career Potential
(Chair: Beth Keser – Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.)

   Maryam Rofougaran – Seasoned Entrepreneur, Fmr. SVP of Engineering
   Jan Vardaman – President, TechSearch International, Inc.
   Rebeca Jimenez – Sr. Vice President, Amkor Technology, Inc.

6) 2016 ECTC Plenary Session: Life after Moore’s Law
(Chair: Rozalia Beica – Dow Electronic Materials)

   Subramanian Iyer – University of California, Los Angeles CHIPS
   Luc Van den hove – IMEC
   Dim Lee Kwong – IME, Singapore Life after Moore's Law @ A*STAR
   Liqiang Cao – NCAP, China  NCAP China
   Marie-Noelle Semeria – CEA-LETI

7) 2016 CPMT Seminar: Systems, Devices, and Packaging Technologies for the IoT and Hyper-Connected Society
(Chairs: Venkatesh Sundaram – Georgia Institute of Technology & Yasumitsu Orii– IBM Corporation)

  Mudasir Ahmad – Cisco Systems, Inc.
  Kohji Hosokawa – IBM Corporation
  Christian Hoffmann – TDK-Epcos
  Eita Horiki – Sekisui America Corporation      

Media Coverage

1) 3D InCites
   ECTC 2016: Is the Life after Moore’s Law?
   Words of Advice From Successful Women in Advanced Packaging
   ECTC 2016: Memory Technology Advances and Prospects for Packaging

2) Solid State Technology
   ECTC 2016 the 66th ECTC
   Die Stacking Options for 2.5D
   Advances in FO-WLP at 2016 IEEE ECTC
   ECTC 2016: IMEC Discusses Economics of TSV Implementation Options
   Sarda Voltage Regulators; ECTC 2016 – Copper Pumping; Copper Pillar on Embedded Trace
   New Fab Construction? Look to China; Rumors from ECTC: InFO — ASE — DECA
   Samsung EM enters FO-WLP Packaging Mkt; Mold Cmpd Free FO-WLP for Sub MM ICs
   FTLE 299 Siliconware’s Ma Discusses Die Stacking Options for 2.5D

3) Yole Development
  Micro transfer printing: a closer look