73rd ECTC Highlights

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Event Presentations

1)     Advanced Packaging and HIR for Harsh Environment – Current Status and Opportunities
Chairs: Tanja Braun -Fraunhofer IZM and Przemyslaw Gromala -Bosch
Ramesh S., General Motors
Giuseppe Barone, Robert Bosch GmbH
Vikas Gupta, ASE US, Inc.
Dae-Woo Kim, Samsung
Shin-Puu Jeng, TSMC
Ram Trichur, Henkel
Kouchi Zhang, TU Delft
Vanessa Smet, Georgia Tech

2)      Copper Hybrid Bond Interconnections for Chip-On-Wafer Applications
Chairs: Thomas Gregorich, Infinera, and Chaoqi Zhang, Qualcomm\
Jan Vardaman, TechSearch International
Eric Beyne, IMEC
Xavier Brun, Intel
Kenneth Larsen, Synopsys
Raja Swaminathan, AMD
Thomas Uhrmann, EVG
Chris Scanlan, Besi

3)      Photonic Integrated Circuit Packaging : challenges, pathfinding and technology adoption
Chairs: Stéphane Bernabé, CEA-Leti, and Hiren Thacker, Cisco
Gianlorenzo Masini, Cisco
Thierry Mourier, CEA-Leti
Hesham Taha, Teramount
Alexander Janta-Polczynski, IBM
Peter O’Brien, Tyndall Institute
Colin Dankwart, Ficontec Service GmbH

4)      Advanced Packaging Manufacturing in North America: Building the Ecosystem 
Chairs: Nancy Stoffel, GE Research, Jan Vardaman, TechSearch International, and William Chen, ASE
Joshua Dillon, Marvell Technology Inc
Frank Gayle NIST, Office of Advanced Manufacturing
Subramanian Iyer, University of California Los Angeles
Carl McCants, DARPA
Dick Otte, Promex Industries, Inc.
Hem P. Takiar, Micron Technology Inc

5)      Young Professionals Network Panel  
Chair: Yan Liu Medtronic

6)      IEEE EPS Seminar: The Future of High-density Substrates – Towards Submicron Technology
Chairs: Takashi Hisada (IBM) and Yasumitsu Orii (Rapidus)
Yasushi Araki, Shinko
Yu-Hua Chen, Unimicron
Satoru Kuramochi, Dai Nippon Printing (DNP)
Madhavan Swaminathan, Penn State University
Griselda Bonilla, IBM

7)      ECTC Keynote: Unlocking the Potential of Quantum Computers: Challenges and Opportunities in Electronic Devices, Interconnects, and Packaging
Prof. Michael Manfra (Purdue University)

8)      ECTC / iTherm Diversity Panel: Diversifying our Technical Workforce to meet National Needs including the CHIPS Act Initiative
Chairs: Kim Yess, Brewer Science / ECTC, Nancy Stoffel, GE Research / ECTC, and Cristina Amon, University of Toronto / ITherm
Dereje Agonafer, University of Texas Arlington
Courtney Power, NextFlex
Jennifer Edwards
GE Foundation / NEXT Engineer
NIST CHIPS Representative

9)      ECTC Plenary: Millimeter-Wave Phased Array Frontend Integration and Packaging for Next-Generation Communication and Radar Systems
Chairs: Kevin Gu, Metawave Corporation, and Ivan Ndip, Fraunhofer IZM / Brandenburg University of Technology
Jonathan Hacker, Teledyne Scientific
Augusto Gutierrez-Aitken, Northrop Grumman Space Systems
Hasan Sharifi, HRL Laboratories, LLC
Madhavan Swaminathan, Pennsylvania State University
Shahriar Shahramian, Nokia Bell Labs
Alberto Valdes-Garcia, IBM Research

10)      IEEE EPS President’s Panel: How can Photonics Enable the Bandwidth Densities with Lower Energy per Bit in Emerging SIP
Chairs: Kitty Pearsall, Boss Precision, Inc., and David McCann, Lyte
Amr S. Helmy, University of Toronto
Ritesh Jain, Lightmatter
Ajey Jacob, University of Southern California
Stefano Oggioni, ATS

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