67th ECTC Highlights

Note: We will provide links to the presentations as they become available.

Best Papers

1) Best Session Paper
  "High Thermal Conductivity Mold Compounds for Advanced Packaging Applications”,  Makoto Shibuya and Luu Nguyen – Texas Instruments, Inc.

2) Best Interactive Presentation Paper
  “Development of Die Attachment Technology for Power IC Module by Introducing Indium into Sintered Nano-Silver Joint”, Chun An Yang and C. Robert Kao – National Taiwan University; Hiroshi Nishikawa – Osaka University

3) Outstanding Session Paper
  "Warpage Modeling and Characterization of the Viscoelastic Relaxation for Cured Molding Process in Fan-Out Packages", Shu-Shen Yeh, Po-Yao Lin, Kuang-Chun Lee, Jin-Hua Wang, Wen-Yi Lin, Ming-Chih Yew, Po-Chen Lai, Shyue-Ter Leu, and Shin-Puu Jeng – Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.

4) Outstanding Interactive Presentation Paper
  “Via-in-Trench: A Revolutionary Panel-Based Package RDL Configuration Capable of 200-450 IO/mm/layer, an Innovation for More-than-Moore System Integration” Fuhan Liu, Chandrasekharan Nair, Hao Lu, Rui Zhang, Hang Chen, Venky Sundaram, and Rao Tummala – Georgia Institute of Technology; Atsushi Kubo and Tomoyuki Ando – Tokyo Ohka Kogyo; Kwon Sang Lee – Disco Corporation

Event Presentations

1)      2017 Luncheon Keynote –“Advanced Packaging in the New World of Data”
Presenter: Babak Sabi, Corporate Vice President and Director of Assembly and Test Technology Development, Intel Corporation

2)      2017 ECTC Applied Reliability Special Session: Material and Package Reliability Needs / Challenges for Harsh Environments
(Chairs: Vikas Gupta – Texas Instruments, Inc. and Pradeep Lall – Auburn University)

Robert Smith – Boeing Research& Technology – Applications of Flexible Hybrid Electronics in Harsh / Extreme Environments
Przemyslaw Jakub Gromala – Bosch – Novel PHM concept for future use in safety electronics for harsh environment
Steve Dunford – Schlumberger – Product Change Notifications. Preparing for PCNs in Harsh Environment Applications
Anton Z. Miric – Heraeus Deutschland GmbH & Co.KG – Material and Package Reliability Needs/Challenges for Harsh Environments. Power Electronic Module Example
Nancy Stoffel – General Electric – High Reliability, Harsh Environment Electronics
Varughese Mathew – NXP Semiconductors – Material Needs and Reliability Challenges in Automotive Packaging under Harsh Conditions

3)      2017 ECTC Special Session: Flexible Hybrid Electronics – Electronics Outside the Box
(Chair: Bing Dang – IBM Corporation)

Benjamin Leever – Air Force Research Laboratory, Materials & Manufacturing Directorate – Flexible Hybrid Electronics for Aerospace Applications
James L. Zunino – U.S. Army RDECOM ARDEC
Robert Smith – Boeing Research & Technology – A Vision for Flexible Hybrid Electronics (FHE)
Girish Wable – Jabil – Hybrid Electronics Architecture Opportunities
John Knickerbocker – IBM Corporation

4)      2017 ECTC Panel Session: Panel Fan-out Manufacturing: Why, When and How?
(Chairs: Jean Trewhella, CPMT President – GLOBALFOUNDRIES and Young Gon Kim – Integrated Device Technology)

Douglas Yu – TSMC - Panel Fan-out Manufacturing: Why, When and How?
Tim Olson – DECA - Electronic Interconnect Convergence … through large panel fan-out
Steffen Kroehnert – NANIUM - Panel Fan-Out Manufacturing Why, When, and How?
Rolf Aschenbrenner – IZM Fraunhofer - Panel Fan-Out Manufacturing: Why, When, and How?
Steve Bezuk – Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. - Panel Fan-Out Manufacturing: Why, When, How? The Jury Has Convened

5)      2017 CPMT Women’s Panel Session: Emotional Intelligence (EI) – Link to Successful Leadership
(Chair: Kitty Pearsall – Boss Precision, Inc.)

Joanne Martin – JLM Consulting, LLC and former VP, IBM Corporation
Rozalia Beica – Global Director New Business Development, The Dow Chemical Company
Tanja Braun – Deputy Group Manage, Fraunhofer Institute for Reliability and Microintegration IZM

6)      2017 ECTC Plenary Session: Packaging for Autonomous Vehicle Electronics
(Chair: Luke England – GLOBALFOUNDRIES)

Venky Sundaram – Georgia Institute of Technology – Packaging for Autonomous Vehicle Electronics. Application and Market Projections
Brent Richardson – Texas Instruments – Power train and automotive
Frank Bertini – Velodyne
Dongji Xie – Nvidia – Data Processing by DRIVE PX2
Raj Pendse – Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

7)      2017 CPMT Seminar: 3D Printing Tools, Technologies and Applications
(Chairs: Venky Sundaram – Georgia Institute of Technology and Yasumitsu Orii - Nagase, Japan)

Manos Tentzeris – Georgia Institute of Technology – 3D Inkjet Printed RF Packages and Modules for IoT Applications up to sub-THz frequencies
Humair Mandavia – Zuken SOZO Center – EDA Support and Roadmap for 3D Printing of Electronics
Simon Fried – Nano Dimension Ltd. A New Dimension in the Production of Professional Multilayer Printed Circuit Boards and 3D Circuitry
Takeshi Sato – Fuji Machine Mfg. Co., Ltd. – The New 3D Inkjet Printing System for Forming Electric Devices on Demand

Media Coverage

1) Solid State Technology
   IFTLE 341 Topics from ECTC 2017: Thin Die Handling; IPD on Glass: New EPS President
   Reliability Studies of 2.5/3DIC – Cisco, Infineon, Siliconware
   Materials and Processes: Tohoku, Hotachi Chem, Samsung
   Chip Embedding at Infineon; UCLA SuperCHIPS

2) 3DInCites
   Tech Session Highlights from ECTC 2017
   Impressions from ECTC 2017
   Fifty Shades of Fan-out Discussed at ECTC 2017

3) EPS Newsletter
   President's Column ECTC Review

4) Chip Scale Review
   2017 ECTC - a global packaging review

5) Printed Circuit Design and Fab Online Magazine
   Fan-Out Fans Crowd Conference